Tarbush Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid

I always like Middle Eastern food, and will go and have a try whenever I had a chance. However, many of my friends are not a fan of it, so although I saw Tarbush Restaurant at Sunway Pyramid for some time already, but only until recently I had chance to try it.

When we enter the restaurant, it’s basically empty inside. Not only that there are 0 customer inside, but I can’t see a single waiter inside too. However, we still head inside, only to notice that all the worker are actually having a meeting inside a room. This actually give me a bad impression on them, as although they saw us walking inside, non of them bother to stand up and greet us until I wave at them!

After we order our food, we were first served with the complementary nan and something to go with it. Nothing special though.

The appetizer we order is Tarbush Hommus, which according to the menu it’s their signature dish. It’s chickpeas with tahina sauce, and it gives a very special taste. I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s quite good.

Chicken Biryani came next, and the portion is actually very big. I doubt I can finish it myself alone. However, although the taste of the chicken is so-so only, but man, the biryani rice is awesome! It’s cooked with many types of herbs, and got some curry flavor in it, hence give the taste like fried curry rice. I really love the biryani rice, and LY was in love with Middle Eastern food in mere seconds after she ate it!

2 sauce were given with the biryani chicken where 1 of them is normal curry, while the other gives some sweet and sour taste. Both of the sauce is quite good, and makes the biryani rice taste even better!

Next up is Fasoulyeh, which is french beans served with white rice. This dish is just so-so. The beans was not bad, but the lamb seems don’t have any taste at all.

However, the rice that came with it is good. It’s just plain rice (according to the menu), but its fragrant and can be eat by itself only.

For me, Tarbush is not a bad place to dine. It’s however definitely not a Must Try! restaurant, but it’s a good restaurant that worth to visit if you plan to dine at Sunway Pyramid.

Total Damage: RM73.70 for 2 person

Location: LL2 Sunway Pyramid @ Marrakesh

5 thoughts on “Tarbush Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid

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