Brother Yat Restaurant @ Subang Jaya

Ever since I saw Vkeong review about Brother Yat, I always wanted to try it! Simply because of its sauna live prawns!

Live? Sauna? What the heck? Read on 😀

Brother Yat Restaurant is located at Subang Jaya, behind Mydin and Giant there. Although that area is an industry area, but it seems that there are a few restaurant that serves really nice food. I had eaten once there before when I am still working at Selangor last year, and its good (although I had forgotten the name of the restaurant).

Anyway, back to Brother Yat. The fish tanks at the entrance seems is there for show only, as most of the tanks are empty, but I am not here for fish, so its OK for me 😀

So here came our first dish, also Brother Yat Restaurant signature dish, Sauna Prawns. Live, read it again, yes live prawns are inside the bowl. You can see the prawns jumping around when it’s inside. On top of it is a glass of beer.

Throw the live prawns inside the pot, pour in the glass of beer, and close the cap.

When the prawns are being cooked, you can still see some of the prawns jumping! I saw one of the prawns where the body color already change from black to red are jumping. I really should had taken a video of it.

After 1 minute or so, the waiter come and open the cover, and the prawns are ready. It’s really a very simple dish to prepare, and what you eat is exactly how prawns should taste like. Since it was still living and moving seconds before it was cooked, it is extremely fresh. The use of beer to cook it also bring up the freshness of the prawns up to another level. This dish should really be eaten like that, and not to go with any other sauce. Just taste the sweetness and freshness of the prawns itself! Not to mentioned, it should be eaten when it’s still hot. This is simply good!

Pork Knuckle is the next dish that came. At first few mouth, this dish is amazing. The skin is crunchy enough, the proportion of fat and meat is great, and the sauce is great too! However, I find that the sauce became a bit too over for me after I ate a few more piece. Maybe it’s too sweet to my liking.

Claypot Taufu is actually not bad too. Above average if compare to most of the other restaurant that serve it.

Salty egg mantis however is a disappointment. I had read somewhere before that this is good, however, I think I had an unlucky day as the mantis seems not fresh enough. The flour used is too much, and all I can taste is the flour itself, and not the mantis. However, given that if the flour is not so thick, and the mantis used is fresh, then this will definitely be a great dish! I will give it one more chance the next time I dine here.

The average quality of food here is quite good, all above average. Definitely a good restaurant to dine in. The Sauna Prawns is also something to shout about as the way they prepare it is very special. However, this is not for everyone, as many people that I know won’t want to eat something that they have to watch it cook alive. However, they are cool with eating something that they don’t need to see how it was cooked. How irony.

Total Damage: RM98 for 4 person

Location: Lot B1-765, Jalan Subang 4,
Taman Industri Sungai Penaga (Ultramine Industrial Park),
47500 Subang Jaya,
GPS Coordinate: N3 02.812 E101 35.807 (malfreemaps)
Tel: 012-6846276

Google Map:

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