Pomander Restaurant Pork Mee @ SS15 Subang Jaya

Well, I had heard of this famous pork me for like 3 years already, but I always don’t have the chance to eat try it. When I first heard of it, due to no own transport. When I have own transport, and went to hunt for it, only to notice that the original shop already closed down liao, and heard that it had moved to elsewhere but I just don’t know where it is. When finally I know the exact location of the new place, I am already staying at Rawang, which makes it even impossible to go to Subang Jaya early in the morning and eat it. Well, I know, all is just excuse 😀

Anyway, below is the stall selling it.

I was told that you will need to wait for almost 1 hour if you went at around 10am on normal days, as it’s usually super crowded. However, when I reach there, the crowd isn’t as much as expected. I guess it’s mainly due to now is holiday season, and college and university students at SS15 had all went back to their hometown, which is a good thing in a way for me!

However, although the crowd is not that huge, only half of the restaurant is full, we still need to wait for around 20minutes for our mee to come. This is because the boss cook it 1 bowl at a time, and not some bullshit like some other stall already prepared the soup earlier, and just pour it in.

Anyway, the pork mee is really awesome! It’s really the best pork mee I had tasted up to date! The ingredients given is great. The minced pork was seasoned before it was cooked, and taste awesome! Besides, various of pork intestine was given too. Another thing that makes the pork mee great is the mee serves with bak you po (fried pig oil). Yes, its unhealthy but so what?!

Damned it, when I am typing this, I am drooling at it, and remembering the taste of how it was. I am so gona to eat it again the next time I visit KL. Definitely a Must Try! food.

Total damage: RM5

Location: Jalan SS15/4B
Its a corner lot coffee shop, near to Taylor Business School, just a few shop from Uncle Seng Noodle.

Google Map:

4 thoughts on “Pomander Restaurant Pork Mee @ SS15 Subang Jaya

  1. I don’t understand why people can wait for close to an hour for this noodle
    that is so heavily “Aji No mottoed”. A couple of months ago I had a bowl and
    ended up drinking a gallon of water for the entire day. Last week, I went there
    again because my friend insisted, and you know what? This time it was worst, it felt like they put in more Aji No motto’cos I’ve gotten even more thirsty. You can say that my taste buds is a little more sensitive but let’s not fool ourselves about the effects of these artificial enhancers.
    If you still insist to eat it, please dilute it with at least 2x water.

    • whao, did they change to such bad? Using too much aji is just way way too bad

      But the last time I went, i never felt any thirsty after eating it. I might not be such sensitive to aji, but my mum is super sensitive to it, and she did not complain when the last time I went, which was like January this year though

  2. Will never ever go to this place again.
    We were told to wait an hour because many customer.
    Nevertheless we agree since we were not hungry.
    However after an hour wait we realise they were serving to ppl that came later then us. When we ask the serving lady and the owner.
    They reply us very rudely you either wait or u can go.
    We were so angry that we leave.. what kind of service is this.. the food is not free and there are plenty of nicer pork noodle that I eaten before..
    Bad service..

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