32 at the Mansion @ Penang

Thanks to Nicole, I know about this place. Penang is not like KL, where you can find fine dining place easily. From her blog, the place is lovely as it was in a historic building, and with big parking space! Besides, it’s located just beside the sea too. So when Christmas came, I called up and make a reservation for Christmas eve.

The beautiful building of where 32 at the mansion located in.

The lounge outside the main dining area. However, on that day itself, nobody was there. Not even a single waiter.

The bar beside the main dining area is really a great place to have a sip of cocktail while listening to the music and enjoy the blow of sea wind.

Some shots inside the main dining area. The center stage is where live band perform during the night.

Another view of the restaurant inside.

I actually reserve my table for 9pm, but we reach at around 8.15pm.However, they manage to get us a table for us although we are way too early.

Since it’s Christmas eve, they only have set dinner, a 4 course meal at RM120++. We only have 3 choices for the main dish, which is turkey, seabass and steak. I opt for turkey (well it’s Christmas!) while LY opt for seabass.

Appetizer came first, a total of 4, all in small servings, but all seems nice (besides the one 2nd from right which looks normal).

X’mas parcel of mixed seafood “nantua”. This is good, however, it gives me a very Chinese taste, like eating some claypot seafood.

Slipper lobster in “sarong” with curried cream. The single most normal dish for the day. It taste just like normal fried prawns, just except that it’s lobster.

Tuna with some special wasabi sauce. Well, this taste actually not bad. Something special and nice.

The salad is great! I love it very much as the lemongrass vinaigrette sauce is really awesome. I am grumbling for the small portion! I want moar!

The soup – “cream of watercress cappuccino” is great too! Hm, sorry for don’t know how to describe it, but yeah, its good.

After the soup, our main dish took some time to come. We waited maybe around 30minutes, but since we are not in a hurry we just wait. 2 of the waiter apologize to us for taking so long although we did not complain, neither we show our impatience face. Good service.

LY’s main dish – Grilled seabass filet with salsa verde & avacado cream sauce. 1st few mouth it’s not bad, but after that it seems to give some boring taste. Anyway, still not bad.

My main – Roast x’mas turkey with port wine cranberry demigiaze spiced plum. This is not bad too. The sauce is a bit sweet, thus making it to become boring after some time. However, I still don’t really like turkey as turkey meat is usually very lean.

Desert time! From left to right is fruit cake, banana strudel and vanilla ice cream. Well, I don’t know is it that I am too full for drinking too much water while waiting my food to come or what, the desert is bad. I always love to eat desert, but the desert is just disappointing. For the fruit cake, those that you can get a good bakery taste better, while the banana strudel is nothing else but sweet. The ice cream, well, it’s just a scoop of ice cream with some sour strawberry, not Häagen-Dazs also.

Anyway you look at it, 32 at the mansion is still a very nice place to dine at Penang. The environment just make it up as it’s very romantic, quiet for 2 person to dine in. I would very much wish to come here and dine again during normal days and see how’s their food quality when the crowd is not as much. Definitely a good restaurant that worth to visit if you plan to have fine dining in Penang!

Total damage: RM276 for 2 person

Location: 32, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah

Contact: 604-262 2232

Google Map:

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