Restaurant Karaikudi @ Penang

I accidentally came across to know this restaurant when I am randomly surfing the net, and saw Penangtuapui blog about it. So here am I, at Penang’s small little Indian town, finding Restaurant Karaikudi.I actually found the shop kitchen first before found the main entrance though.

The inside of the restaurant is quite simple, and according to PenangTuaPui, most of the decorations inside are imported directly from India. However, due to I am not an art person, and I am pretty hungry when I am there since I skip lunch, so I just glued my ass on the chair and waiting to order.

Mango Lassi, something you will have to order if you are dining at an Indian restaurant. I however, don’t really like it as it’s quite sour, and not as creamy and milky as how I like my lassi to taste at. Besides, like mostly all lassi, it’s not cold enough for me to enjoy it.

Chettinad style chicken soup that came complimentary with our main course. I personally like this soup very much. It may look watery, but the taste is there.

Another complimentary, papadam with some mint sauce thing. My mum say that it’s abit too salty, but for me it taste just nice.

Our main dish. Sorry, I forget what it’s call already, but I know the price! It’s RM16 for the normal one, and RM13 for the vegetarian version. It’s really worth it for the price, and best thing is, it’s good! Look at the stuff you get by ordering this, you get nan, white rice and briyani rice for the filling part. You get curry chicken, curry, yogurt, soup and some others that I don’t know the name. When served, you can take out all the small bowl and put aside, and ta da….you get banana leave rice!

Ladies finger pepper fry is something recommended by the waiter. It may look very simple, but amazingly, it taste great! The pepper smell is not strong, just enough for the taste, and since the ladies finger are fried, it’s crunchy, making the dish awesome!

The mutton chukka varuval. Another great dish. Although it’s a bit spicy, but the meat is tender enough. However, some lamb hater might still don’t like it as although the spices had cover most of its pungent smell, the smell is still there for those sensitive lamb hater nose.

Prawn masala, cooked with spice and tomato gravy. The prawns used are quite big and fresh. Besides the gravy itself is nice already. Funny thing is when my mum eat it, she just eat it with the gravy itself and not noticing that there are prawns inside, and yet she still say its good.

Chicken hm…..sorry, forgotten the name. The waiter did not give us the receipt when he give back the change, so I forget the name of this dish liao. Anyway, the style of cooking is ok, but the meat is a bit too hard.

Restaurant Karaikudi is a Must Try! restaurant for Indian food lover, and even if you are not a huge fan of Indian food, you shall try it, and who knows you might just fall in love with it?

Total Damage: RM111 for 4 person (include take away 1 chicken briyani and another set of vegetarian main dish)

Location: 20 Market Street, 10200 Penang

Contact: 04-263 1345

Google Map:

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