Yut Kee @ Kuala Lumpur

Yut Kee Restaurant had already been at Kuala Lumpur for years. Yes, I mean years. My friend told me that his dad already visit it frequently when he was young. This also explain the crowd when we reach there at 10am. We had to stand and wait to be seated as the coffee shop is just too small to be able to accommodate the crowd that visit it.

These days at Kuala Lumpur, there’s not much old style kopitiam that are able to attract so many people to it.

However, the food here really disappoints me. The chicken chop that was said to be very famous here is really below par at best. The portion is not that big, the gravy got nothing special to shout about, and the meat seems was too fried too much until become a bit hard.

The Lum Mee ain’t that good either. It taste a lot like Penang Hokkien Mee (or better known as prawn mee) although the color is totally different. Yes it’s better than almost all other prawn mee that was sold at Kuala Lumpur, but still it won’t beat those at Penang, neither that it is better than the other Lum Mee I ate before. However, the sambal that came with it rescue the day. Eating it with the sambal really makes the Lum Mee become quite good.

Roti babi, or Pork Bread. When I saw it at the menu, I was thinking to order it already as it seems so special. When my friend tell me that this is also their signature dish, I straight away order it. It looks so normal and boring when it came though.

However, it was good! The bread itself is very soft, and it’s already very nice to eat just the bread itself. Eating it with the pork, bean sprout and other ingredients inside make it even better!

The toast with kaya is good too. Well, where can you find a coffee shop that gives you whole portion of planta, and are so generous with the kaya? You have to apply both the planta and kaya yourself though, but I am not complaining as the kaya is good!

However, the single food that make me visit Yut Kee restaurant, the Roast Pork Roll is not for sale until Chinese New Year! That was like 2 months to go man! They only make a limited amount of it everyday, and all are already being reserved by people who called up and book early. Damed, I am drooling at it when I saw the roast pork were being placed behind where I seat, waited to be eaten by others while I can’t! 1 roasted pork roll was sold at RM130 though.

I will definitely visit Yut Kee restaurant again after Chinese New Year just to have a taste on their Roasted Pork Roll. Before that, Yut Kee is just an average overrated restaurant to me.

Total damage: RM35 for 3 person

Location: 35, Jalan Dang Wangi, 50100 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: 03-2298 8108

5 thoughts on “Yut Kee @ Kuala Lumpur

  1. seriously, i don’t like the food over here too! I think they are overrated too! I can easily get better kopi or even Hainanese and toast at Imbi Pasar in KL. ^^ you should visit Imbi Pasar!

  2. Hello..

    The imbi pasar toast is actually really good. But like the chicken chop here.. I have linked this post to asknomster.com – a new Malaysia food website that aggregates restaurant information, food bloggers, customers as well as magazine and newspaper reviews under one single platform.

    if you like what you see do “Like” us on our facebook fan page. You can continue to link your latest reviews at asknomster. Hope to hear from you soon! Take care! =)

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