Townview Seafood @ Penang

Townview Seafood is a new restaurant that open just not long ago, around 2 months only. The outlook of this new restaurant reminds me of Bali Hai at Gurney Drive.

As the restaurant is located in the middle of the town area, private parking space are provided, which is good. However, the road to the parking area is very narrow and although there is someone who guide you, but it’s still not an easy task to drive it in especially if you are driving a huge sedan or SUV. Oh, you still need to pay for the parking even if you are dining here.

At the entrance, it’s all the fish tank and seafood for you to pick your favorite one. However, although there are loads of fish tank, I am disappointed with the choice of fish available.


Shark-fin soup. Normal looo. RM30 for 4 person.

Steam prawns (bak chiok har). Normal la, well, you can’t go wrong with this dish as long as your prawn is fresh and you did not overcooked it. Rm30 for this.

Seafood in golden ball. This is good. Loads of fish maw and sea cucumber in it, and some fake small abalone. It’s taste a bit sweet, but I find that its oily too. RM25 for this.

Vegetables, but look at the fish cake. It’s so much larger than those you ate outside. While I used to hate fish cake due to it’s smell and taste fake, these are good! RM10 only for this.

“Steamed Grouper with Pan Tong Style” is their signature dish. Man, this is awesome! It’s sour and spicy, just like more Thai dish, but it’s good! The chefs are not stingy with the ingredients used. RM60 for this.

Besides, if you looked properly, it’s actually Tiger Grouper (老虎斑) that we order. Yes, I know this fish should be eaten as normal steam to taste the freshness and natural sweetness of the fish. But well, my dad change it without my knowledge. So I just enjoy it as much as I can.

I would also like to add something. All the first 4 dish is served very fast. They serve the soup and prawns almost at the same time, and all the other 2 dish were up when we just start eating the prawns. However, after we finish all the 4 dish, we had to wait like 10 minutes for the fish to come. They pace is way way wrong.

Anyway, although the choice of seafood is not that much at Townview Seafood, but the way they cook it is good. Price wise it’s average too. I will come back here again to see what other nice dish they offer soon. A good place to dine in at the town area of Penang.

Location: Jalan McAllister, Penang

Google Map:


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