Sarkies Corner Wine & Dine buffet @ E&O Hotel Penang

I had heard many people saying that buffet at E&O hotel in Penang is great, and since its New Year day, it’s time to have some feast!

We were greeted by loads of seafood just at the entrance of Sarkies Corner.

I really like the way they arrange the food, it just make the food looks even more appealing!

Tuna, prawns and salmon sashimi! I however did not eat these much since there are way too many other food for me to consume.

A few type of good looking sushi. However, I did not try these as the rice will just take up too much of my stomach space.

Woohoo, really nice cheese spread. So many type of cheese to choose from!

The choice of appetizer available is just amazing. Most of them taste good. I especially love the one 3rd from left at the bottom.

Salads choice is great too.

After finish eating the salads, I notice some people are taking oyster! How can I miss it. It’s actually at the main entrance, along where the sashimi are located at. However, when I am taking pictures, they are not there yet as the waiter just put it up.

The oyster size is big if compare to other buffet.

The roasted area. Man, the roast duck are great!

The choice of main dish is a bit limited though if you exclude the roasted and teppanyaki area. Below is some of what they offer. It’s also the first time I saw Nasi Kunyit is offer at buffet, and the lamb curry is good too.

The choice of desert available here is really a lot. Just by finishing each type of desert will make one full already. Besides, although the quantity a lot, the quality of the desert is there too.

More desert…..

And more!!!

The fruits are cut and placed nicely. Choices are more too if compare to others. However, I just take the strawberries as I am a HUGE fan of it. The strawberries here are quite big, and not as sour as those you buy at Tesco.

Chocolate fondue. However, nothing much that I can go with it, so I use it for my strawberries.

See the ice cream refrigerator on the right side of the picture above? It’s actually had Baskin-Robbins in it. However, it FAIL BIG TIME! The refrigerator cover is spoil and cannot be closed properly, leading to all the ice-cream in it is half melted all the time! I did complaint to their staff, but no action is taken AT ALL.

I personally find that they are a bit over staff as if you look at the picture closely, you will see loads of chefs and waiter standing around. This is good as my plates are clear once I stand up and go for next round. However, sometimes when walking around, seems that the staff are blocking the way as they are standing everywhere.

I am sorry that I forgot to take pictures of the bar and the BBQ area. I though I did, but end up I did not. Anyway, the wine bar offer free flow of both red and white wine, and beer. The wine actually taste good, especially the white wine.

The teppanyaki area do offer lamb, crab, prawns, cheese baked oyster and squids. Not bad too.

Sarkies corner Wine & Dine really offer good buffet. Do try it out if you want some better buffet at Penang.

Total Damage: RM128++ per person for new year day. Normal Day is RM98++

Location: Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Lebuh Farquhar

Contact: +604-222 2000

Google Map:

12 thoughts on “Sarkies Corner Wine & Dine buffet @ E&O Hotel Penang

  1. I went there a few times already, and the menu changes according to the day of the week. I find the roasted duck and the oyster sedap, a lot of other choices but then so – so only.

    For me the buffet is only worth it if you can take in lotsa weird clamps and sea food, else better not head there. Oh, some of the cakes are pretty tasty but that’s about it.

    The best thing eating there is after full, you can go out for a walk along the coast, then head back in for another round ;P

    • wah lao kerbau!!!

      you went there few times dint tell me about it???!!!

      gosh, i gona skin you liao.

      yeap, the buffet is worth for me, as i drank the wine a lot, and the raw seafood me is rikey. The main dish is really just normal la, choice also tarak banyak.

      however, sarkies corner is way better than jogoya, yes, jogoya have more choice, but all of them sux lol, at least sarkies one is above average :p

      1 day i shall try rasa sayang one and see how :p

      PS: if you know any other nice buffet at penang, well, any nice food please tell me lol.

  2. Hi there! thanks for sharing this E& O!

    However, I only tried one buffet in Penang before which was at Traders hotel. I love the comfortable ambiance and the quality of food was great even the choices might seems to be a little bit lesser but i prefer quality! Maybe you can try next time ^^

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