Lorong Seratus Tahun Curry Mee @ Penang

This shop serves one of the best curry mee in Penang. It’s been selling since my parents were young, and it’s so famous until most people (include me) don’t know the actual name of the coffee shop or the stall, but only know the street it’s at, which is….

Although the building is old, but it’s well maintain. The whole place only sell curry mee. Oh, they do have a stall selling “loh bak”, but I don’t recommend you to try it at all. The “loh bak” is way below average for Penang standard, and the chili sauce always give a taste that it’s spoil already.

It’s normally quite pack if you went at around 10am, but since I was early that day, the chef even have time to leave the stall for a while.

Whenever I come here, I sure ask for “keh liao”, which means extra ingredients. So my bowl is full of  stuuffffff. I normally don’t really eat the “tau pok” if I eat curry mee elsewhere, but since the curry soup here is nice, it’s make the “tau pok” taste nice too. Besides, for me, a curry mee is not completed if it’s without the “du hui”, or known as coagulated pig blood.

Well, as you can see, the curry soup above is quite clear, and it doesn’t looks like its spicy at all. It’s all because that you will have to add in the chili in yourself. Each table will be given 1 big bowl of chili, and they can add as much as they like. But beware, don’t add too much or else it will become too oily.

I love spicy, so I always add hell a lot. So now this looks like real curry mee eh? I really don’t understand how people can eat it without adding a single spoon of chili. Well, one man’s meat is another man’s poison I guess.

The curry mee here is good, especially when you eat the pig blood with the soup, it’s awesome! However, I do know most people don’t eat that. But trust me, try it if you have a chance. Besides, although I ask for extra ingredients, the cockles they gave me is way too little.

The directions to get to this famous curry mee is drive along McAllister road, turn left when you see this hotel on your left. Head straight and you will see the shop.

While curry Mee is one of the must try food if you were to visit Penang, here is the place to for a good bowl of curry mee.
Total Damage: RM5.50 for 1 bowl extra ingredient

Location: Lorong Seratus Tahun, Penang

Google Map:

PS: They do have a branch at SS2, Petaling Jaya. I been there once 2 years ago. Although it does not taste 100% as the original one, but they do serve not bad curry mee, consider it as good if compare to others that serve in Selangor/Kuala Lumpur.

4 thoughts on “Lorong Seratus Tahun Curry Mee @ Penang

  1. Crap! I forgot about finding that street while I was in Penang. I’ve been eating the one in SS2 also called Lorong Seratus Tahun but I think they changed owner/cook so the taste is different already.

    • hehe, of coz the cook is different. It’s not bad la the one is SS2, and they have more choice of food there too.

      Just remember to visit the real one next time you in Penang 😀

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