Suffolk House @ Penang

No, I am not visiting someone who is extremely rich, or visit a museum, this is Suffolk House, where I came to fill my tummy up. Just if you don’t know, Suffolk House was the first “Great House of Penang”, and serves as the residence of Francis Light, the founder of the British settlement on the Penang Island. It served as Goverment House in the 1810-20’s and critical political issues, such as the founding of Singapore was discussed here.

The environment here is really great, especially for a crowded place like Penang, where land is limited. By judging so many old trees around, and even a river (Air Itam River) beside it, one will think that it is located totally out of George Town, which was not.

The design and architecture of Suffolk House is also one of the purest example of Anglo-Indian architecture outside of India. So if one is interested in history and architecture, shall look into it more. One should also noted that it takes more than 40 years and efforts of countless individuals to restore one of the earliest heritage of Penang into this now.

We walk around the building before we settle down. The environment here is great. Drinking and chit-chating at the lounge area will let you totally forget that you are actually inside the city of Penang. I feel like I was at some island relaxing when I walk around here.

Some shots taken at the dining area.

I love the decoration here, gives you a very warm feeling. You can see that another customer is also taking pictures too.

We were then lead to our table when we finish looking around and taking pictures. Only 2 table include us was there when we were being seated, which is good, as for fine dining, the lesser people around is the better in my opinion.

Suffolk house only offer set dinner, but the set dinner is also a unique one. It’s a 8 course meal. You choose your main dish (5 type to choose from), where price range from RM90 to RM120, and you will get 7 more which range from appetizer to dessert.

Sundried tomato. Err….seriously, this dish is nothing. Can’t feel anything special, or nice on it. Worthless for me.

Tuna with honey sauce. This is not bad though, but I do find that the appearance is a bit messy for fine dining. But as long as it taste not bad, ok la.

Seasame tofu, baby spinach, olive & pudina leaf with tomato chili lime dressing. This is good, I am starting to love those salad served at fine dining restaurant since the one at 32 the Mansion is great too. It’s very refreshing, and the dressing is just great.

Cream of carrot & celery shop with buttered toast. This soup is GREAT! I love it very much, and was wondered, why so small cup! I can finish up the whole bowl man. It’s great!

Tomato sorbet with plum shavings. It’s not bad too. The sour plum shavings makes the tomato sorbet taste both sour and sweet, and it really open you appetite and make you want to eat more for your next dish.

Here comes the mains. You can choose from fish, lamb, beef, chicken or spaghetti.

Panfried cod fillet with tarragon grape cream sauce @ RM115.

Charbroiled grainfed beef tenderloin with mustard seed black pepper cream @ RM130. This is awesome. The beef is juicy enough even though it was ordered as well done. The best main course that they offered in my opinion.

Chan-grilled rack of lamb with rosemary infused lamb jus @ RM120. This is what I ordered. The lamb is tender enough, but the way it was cooked, was just average in my opinion.

Chan-grilled chicken with pineapple barbeque jus @ RM95. This dish really reminds me of Secret Recipe. Just like the kebab with rice served there. Please don’t order this unless you wanted to be disappointed. It really taste like the one at Secret Recipe.

Desert time. 3 types of desert was served.

Vanilla ice cream with chocolate biscuit. The biscuit taste not bad though.

Banana spring roll with caramel drizzle. I don’t really like this.

Orange almond cake with citrus syrup. Hm…ok la this one. Taste like normal cake lo lol.

After desert, we were served with coffee/tea with frothed milk, which conclude our 8 course set dinner. Dining here at Suffolk House is really a nice experience, especially when you want to surprise your girlfriend/wife. The atmosphere really make up everything, and the quiet environment also make it up. They also change their menu every week, so each time you visit, you will be eating different dish. I won’t say it’s a Must Try! restaurant as most of their food is average only, but definitely a good restaurant to dine, especially on special occasion!

Total Damage: RM800 for 5 person, include 1 bottle of wine

Location: 250, Jalan Air Itam, 10460 Penang (When at Jalan Air Itam, turn left into the small road which is before you pass by Methodist Boys School. The road is very small, and please be alert while you are nearby or you will certainly miss it. There’s a sign board showing Malaysia German Society at the entrance of the road. After turn in, just follow the road straight to the back, and you will reach eventually)

Contact: 04-228 3930

Google Map:


Restoration of Suffolk House – Penang Heritage Trust website.

4 thoughts on “Suffolk House @ Penang

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  2. Recommended by a Penang friend of mine, I made a trip there recently. I find this restaurant just great and will certainly visit this restaurant again on my next trip. Food was acceptable.

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