Kek Seng Coffee Shop @ Penang

Kek Seng Coffee Shop is one of the old old old coffee shop that still survive up to date, and they served one of the best Ais Kacang (or also known as ABC – Ais Batu Campur) in Penang.

So what makes this plate of “Ais Kacang” so famous? Well, 1 of the 2 scoop of the ice cream is their homemade durian ice cream. The ice cream taste great IF you are a durian lover. It’s nothing like those durian ice cream from nestle, its way smoother, and gives you way more durian flavor. You can tell them not to add in the durian ice cream if you hate the king of fruit.

Besides, the red beans and jagung (sweet corn) toppings is good, and makes the “Ais kacang” just great! However, I find that the jelly (also homemade) is just so so. This plate of “Ais kacang” is way more satisfying than the famous Penang road Teowchew Cendol, simply because the standard here is consistent, unlike the Cendol sometimes taste good, sometimes bad.

The “lor bak” (fried pork roll) however is a disappointing to me. The standard had dropped, the “lor bak” does not have so much pork taste in it as compare to the past. I feel like they are cutting cost in using lesser ingredients. Besides, the single most important thing of a good “lor bak” is the chili paste and “lor” paste in my opinion. But the one here, the chili is not nice, not spicy enough, and the “lor” paste, er….eating it is just like eating plain starch, no other taste. Really way below average for Penang standard.

The chicken rice here is good though. The meat is soft and tender. I especially like the roasted one as the fragrant smell of the roasted chicken is there. The steamed one however is just normal.

However, 1 shall notice the sign board inside the coffee shop, which says – Each table didn’t order drinks, will charge RM0.40. However, they cover up the “each” word, so I am unsure what it means now. Anyway, if you are here, you MUST try the “Ais Kacang“! So just forget the sign board and order it.

Besides chicken rice and “lor bak“, so of the other nice hawker food here is the laksa, char koay teow, koay teow soup and few more. Although there are not the best in Penang, but all of them is still above average. A Must Try! coffee shop in Penang, mainly due to it’s “Ais Kacang“!

Total Damage: Forget the price, but prepare to pay around RM3 for each things you order.

Location: 382 – 384 Penang Road (it’s directly opposite Komtar)

Google Map:

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