Siang Hai Dim Sum @ Penang

Stumble across this place 1 morning and decided to give it a try.  Although it’s English name is Siang Hai, but it was named as Shanghai Dim Sum in Chinese, and Shanghai is famed for it’s dim sum, especially the “xiao long bao”. However, I was largely disappointed.

Usually at most Dim Sum restaurant at Penang, it will be very crowded at around 9am to 10am, especially on weekends, however, surprisingly it’s not when we was there. It’s kinda good and bad for me, as I hate crowded place, but if a place got lesser customer, does it also means that the food is not good?

At Siang Hai Dim Sum, there ain’t any people pushing trolley with Dim Sum on it to your table for you to choose. You need to walk to the counter and choose yourself.

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