Siang Hai Dim Sum @ Penang

Stumble across this place 1 morning and decided to give it a try.  Although it’s English name is Siang Hai, but it was named as Shanghai Dim Sum in Chinese, and Shanghai is famed for it’s dim sum, especially the “xiao long bao”. However, I was largely disappointed.

Usually at most Dim Sum restaurant at Penang, it will be very crowded at around 9am to 10am, especially on weekends, however, surprisingly it’s not when we was there. It’s kinda good and bad for me, as I hate crowded place, but if a place got lesser customer, does it also means that the food is not good?

At Siang Hai Dim Sum, there ain’t any people pushing trolley with Dim Sum on it to your table for you to choose. You need to walk to the counter and choose yourself.

The “bird nest“, where the nest is made of yam, and is filled with vegetables inside. Ok la, better than some I had tried. The fried thing with char siew inside is okok only lo.

Prawn dumpling or whatever. Well, most restaurant fail as this la, same goes to here. The skin of the dumpling is too dry, and the prawns inside is dry too, not juicy. Those good one you will taste some gravy inside the dumpling, but for those that fail, you won’t.

Yeahhhh! “Xiao Long Bao” at a Dim Sum restaurant that proclaimed themselves originate from Shanghai! It must be good right? But it’s not. Real “Xiao Long Bao” got soup inside, and you can drink it, but this? No at all. It’s totally dried up! Duh….. Besides, the skin is also way too thick compare to what it should be.

“Siu Mai”. Just average la, at least this is not so dried up.

Toufu with minced pork. Ah, this is good. I like it very much, especially the minced pork, very nice. The toufu however was cooked too long until it became a bit too hard.

Prawn siu mai or something. Again, just normal lo.

Pork ribs. Hm…nothing to shout about too.

Har gao“, or prawn dumpling. Ok la, better than others a bit as the size is bigger, and not so dry compare to others.

Normal normal fish ball.

“Chicken Leg”, hm..ok lo. This one is not the real spicy version, and I always prefer chicken leg cooked with mushroom and soy sauce than this.

One also have to notice, the choice of Dim Sum here is not much, around 20++ for the steam type, and 10++ for the fried type. They don’t have those fancy fancy things like others have, most of the Dim Sum they serve is original one.

Overall, the Dim Sum here is just average la, just like most of the Dim Sum restaurant I went. This type of Dim Sum restaurant, I won’t go back and visit again since nothing there interests me. I prefer to try out other restaurant until I can find the perfect Dim Sum restaurant here.

Location: 5No. G5,6,7,8,202A, Jalan Macallister, 10400 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang.

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3 thoughts on “Siang Hai Dim Sum @ Penang

  1. hv u been to red tea garden house restaurant at farlim, just opposite d old sunshine farlim, not bad d dimsum there, a lot of variety, steam or fried.. go n tried it yourself, its crowded on weekdays.. free parking at sunshine carpark..

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