Sin Eng Heong Kaya Kok @ Ipoh

After reading much recommendations from Lowyat forum, I decided to give Sin Eng Heong a visit, a place where its famed for it’s Kaya Kok (Kaya Puff). Kaya is the Malay name of coconut jam, where its made from coconut milk and eggs, flavored with pandan leaf and sweetened with sugar. Hence, Kaya Puff is a puff with coconut jam filling.

I call up and pre-order 1 day before I visit them. This is mainly due to that I heard many people saying that if you walk-in, you will be limited to buy only 5 piece maximum, or you might go back empty-handed if you are unlucky.

I am quite surprise that there ain’t any other customer when I reach the shop at around 10am. It might be too early for the crowd to come out yet, as maybe they are still enjoying their dim sum. However, I do need to wait since the Kaya Kok is not ready yet.

Sin Eng Heong baked the Kaya Kok freshly everyday, and won’t keep much stock. This is to make sure what you buy is extremely fresh. Therefore, if you came and there ain’t any stock left, you will need to wait until the new batch is ready. This also explains why you will need to queue up even if you pre-order it.

Sin Eng Heong do sell many other stuff like any other biscuits shop at Ipoh, however I am not interested in those.

Finally, the Kaya Kok is ready, and it look like just any other puff.

The ingredients, kaya filling. Oh mai, the kaya is really wonderful. The sweetness of the kaya is just nice. The layer pastry of the Kaya Kok is thin, crispy and soft. Each bite is great! However, since I never try others Kaya Kok before this, I don’t know how others fare, but this is definitely how a biscuit should be made where the layer pastry must not be too thick so that you won’t taste flour more than the ingredients of it.

I am not sure how long can you keep it, but it’s definitely recommended to eat it fresh. However, I do reheat some and eat it the next day, and it still taste not bad.

I would recommend those that visit Ipoh, do try them if you have the time since it’s very near to Ong Kee and Lou Wong Ngar Choi Gai. However, don’t forget to give them a call to pre-order just in case.

Sin Eng Heong, a good place to find good Kaya Kok.

Location: Jalan Mustapha Al-Bakri, Ipoh

Total Damage: RM14 for 20 piece (RM0.70 each)

Google Map:

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