Lot 10 Hutong @ Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur

Lot 10 Hutong, definitely 1 of the hype for food lovers these days at Bukit Bintang area. It’s a food court that features 25 street food stalls that are selling famous local Chinese cuisine which have survived for at least 50 years, all hand-picked by Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, the managing director of YTL Corp Bhd group.

This is really a great idea, as one will not need to travel all around Kuala Lumpur to taste those nice food, as they only need to head to Lot 10 and they will be spoil with the choice of great food available. However I am actually quite skeptical of the quality of the food before I visit. However, after reading much review, it seems that the food serve there is quite good, so here am I.

The first thing that caught my eyes is “Mo Sang Kor Bah Kut Teh” as I wonder around.

It’s originally at Pandamaran, Klang, and I had also heard that this is the famous Bah Kut Teh that the lady boss will scold the customer who ask for extra soup. I am not sure how true it is, but I really wanted to try them due to it popularity.

The first thing I say is WHAO when I saw it. Man, the bowl is so damed small, and it’s already 90% full with the meat in it, which means only 10% are left for the soup! Bah Kut Teh is all about drinking the soup, but….but…….this is………..

And these doesn’t came cheap, it cost around RM30, but for food court price, ok la.

The first thing that LY and my mum say when they eat is, whao the rice is good! And yes, the rice is really very fragrant. Awesome!

This is the Small Lion Ribs, and the meat is really really tender. Even for someone like me that prefer fatty meat over lean meat, still find that it’s nice.

The bone/gristle. And again Oh mai, its great tasting. The fat meat is awessssommee……really love it very much, and make me totally forget about health conscious and body fat level. Besides, the soup is really great tasting too. I really love to have way way way more soup as those 2 small bowl is way too little for me.

This is the only stall that have long queue when I was there. It must be good that make so many queue for it even though there are so many other choice there right?

Oh, it’s the famous Kim Lian Kee Hokkien Mee (or Hokkien Char for Penangties), originally at Petaling Street.

However, it was bad. Yes, they did use charcoal to cook it, but so what? It’s too salty, and just doesn’t taste nice at all. Some had said if the person who cook was the boss son, it will taste great, but if its their worker who cook it, then it’s bad. Guess I am out of luck as I don’t know who is the boss son too.

This Hokkien Mee come at RM8.90, but its a huge failure.

My next order is the originally at Petaling Street Hon Kee Porridge.

The porridge is smooth, I usually hate porridge, but this one, I kinda find it not bad.

I opt for the raw fish one. The fish is slice thinly, and eat it with the porridge, it’s good!

The raw fish and porridge combo came at the price of RM6.80.

The “Yao Char Kuih” @ RM1.40. Oh this is good! It’s so crunchy, and you won’t find that it give you a taste of too oily. Great!

Although there’s only 3 of us, we find that the food we order can’t satisfy us yet. So I go on and order something else. Ho Weng Kee, originally at SS2.

Although Ho Weng Kee is famous for their wantan noodle, but I didn’t order the noodle since we are quite full, but just want to try something more.We opt for their side dish instead.

The chicken drumstick is very nice, tender meat, great tasting skin. It’s slightly coated with honey, nice!

The char siew is nice too. The fat and lean meat proportion is consider good.

We get our desert from here.

Barley beancurd with ginko nut @ RM3.90. Quite ok la.

Ais Kacang @ RM4.50. Not bad too.

Glass Jelly with sea coconut @ RM3.90. My order and I kinda like it.

Overall, 3 of us spent almost RM100 here, certainly not cheap at all, however we are satisfied with the food except the Hokkien Mee. Since I never try at their original place before, I don’t know how big the difference is in terms of food quality, but I know for price wise, at Lot 10 Hutong it’s definitely more expansive. However, I find that this is a great place for those who did not stay at Kuala Lumpur and wanted to try some of the most famous food here.

One must also be ready for long queues when ordering their food if you came at the wrong time, or heck stand and wait for a place to seat. The design of the food court area is utterly rubbish leading to seating space is limited, and making order is difficult. However, it’s still a Must Try! place to dine in for all those that did not stay in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor.

Total Damage: Rm100 for 3 person

Location: Basement of Lot10 Shopping Complex

Google Map:

5 thoughts on “Lot 10 Hutong @ Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur

  1. What nonsense, cannot refill the soup? Hehe, I think the original branch also can.
    Nowadays the Pao Xiang BKT from Klang, the one that is famous for its supposedly healthier way of cooking by tying up the meat so that the fat drips away, is expanding all over the malls.

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