Weld Quay Tree Shade Seafood Restaurant @ Penang

Tree shade seafood restaurant (dua chiu kar), located just opposite the Jetty, when mentioned, everyone who patronize it before will say 1 thing, the food served is fast, as in extremely fast.

Besides, many also comment that the seafood here is fresh and with reasonable pricing. The restaurant might look very old already, but the choice of seafood here is really a lot for its type.

Another thing is, once you make 1 of your order, the person will straight away tell the cook to prepare for it. They do not operate like other restaurant when they only prepare it once you finish your order, hence it’s fast huh?

Some other food for you to choose.

I am actually quite surprise with the crowd in the restaurant. We reach there at 6pm, and there’s only left few more empty tables only. Usually the crowd won’t start to appear after 7pm at other seafood restaurant.


Salad prawn,which taste GREAT!!!! Easily the best salad prawns that I ate before. The mayonnaise taste really good, and the prawns was not over-fried at all. I also notice that the head of the prawns is empty, which leads me to wonder, did they take out everything inside and cook it with the mayonnaise until it taste so good?

Fried vegetables with bad presentation, but it taste ok.

Kam Heong La La, not bad too.

Steamed fish with ginger. The fish name is “river king” according to the waiter. I never ate this fish before so I decided to give it a try. However, although the way they cook is good, I don’t really like it. The fish meat is too fat to my liking, however, my dad love it a lot.

The crabs are nice. Well, you certainly can’t go wrong with this as the preparation work is consider zero. It’s all down to the freshness and the meat of the crab itself, and both does not failed.

Argghh….fark the cholesterol. I loveeee the crabs egg, oh yummmy!!!!

Overall, the 5 dish above cost us RM120 (3 person). I won’t say it’s super cheap, but quite ok la consider the amount and stuff we order. All the food is above average, and the speed of food served is fast. Certainly a good place to eat seafood at Penang, especially when you are in a hurry.

Total Damage: Rm120 for 3 person

Location: Pengkalan Weld, Penang

Google Map:

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