Ngan Woh Steamed fish and Sar Kot @ Ipoh

When my dad first tell me that this place served nice steamed fish head for breakfast, I was quite shocked. What? Steamed fish for breakfast??? Fish head somemore?

However, ever since I ate there for the first time, Ngan Woh Coffee Shop at Bercham had become 1 of the few places that I will have my breakfast whenever I am at Ipoh.

The young man here is the main cook.

The steamed fish head @ RM13. Ahh, the gravy is really really nice, I always love this type of steaming style. However, the fish was not fresh, and the meat is also a bit hard. Guess I am out of luck as for the past few times I visit, the fish is OK. You can also opt for fish tail if you are not a fan of the head. 7.8/10

Just like almost all other places in Ipoh, the hor fun here is smooth. Mix the hor fun with the steamed fish gravy, ahhh heaven.

I really should had order more “yong tau fu” stuff, as this is really really nice. The fish ball is great! Love it. 8.1/10

Oh, you must not forget to order 1 of their signature dish here, the saa kot, which is actually fried turnip @ RM0.50 per piece. This is good, the ingredients is like almost 100% turnip and not mix with flour or other stuff. It’s crunchy outside, juicy inside, just yummy! 8.6/10

Ngan Woh coffee shop, nice place to visit. Certainly a Must Try! place for breakfast in Ipoh if only their fish is always fresh. So for now, I will only rate it as good, especially for a town like Ipoh where good food is everywhere, a minor flaw is consider bad.

Total Damage: RM20 for 3 person

Location: 552-C Lorong 5,  Kampung Bercham,  31400 Ipoh. (Very easy to find, once you pass by Tesco Extra on your left, go straight for around 2km, and start looking at your left. If you saw Caltex on your right, you already over shot)

Google Map:

5 thoughts on “Ngan Woh Steamed fish and Sar Kot @ Ipoh

  1. Thanks for the directions and address to this place, sam.
    I read bout this from another publisher before, but no idea where this is.
    I’ll hop over maybe sometime soon. 🙂
    Join me?

  2. I went there before, I found it so so only.
    Probably I am not a big fan of fish head as breakfast!!
    The Yong Tou Fu and other side dishes are made by themselves with the fish!!

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