Dataran Ikan Bakar @ Sungai Petani

Dataran Ikan Bakar, located by Sungai Petani (yes, Sungai Petani is the name of a river), serve some nice Malay ikan bakar. Well, usually if a restaurant is located by the river or sea, definitely the view and environment will be nice right? No, this is not the case here, as anyone who saw Sungai Petani before will understand it.

The place they “bakar” the fish is quite small, but they usually cook it earlier, which lead to most of the time the food is already cold when served.

Some of the choices of fish they have.

Besides those “bakar bakar” food, they do have some other Malay dish, but I never try them before besides the curry, which is just average.

Complimentary vegetables to go with their spicy sambal. You can take as much as you want for these.

My fish, stingray. As always, the fish is over burnt, but I just like it mainly because I love how they marinated it. Eat it with the spicy sambal, it will be great!

The chicken, again it’s was over burnt, but I still love their marination and once I eat it with the spicy sambal, I will totally forget the over burnt part. One shall take note that the marination is a bit sweet, so it might not be everyone’s meat.

The beef is not bad too.

The small plate one the right is the godly spicy sambal that I mentioned. 1 plate is never enough for me. The sambal is just amazing, it’s sour and spicy enough, made almost everything that taste average taste greeeattttttt!! The curry is just average, too watery, as I take it just to make my rice not so dry.

Although the food here is not exactly amazing or good, but they are consider 1 of the best Malay ikan bakar at Sungai Petani, and I tend to patronized them a lot.

However 1 shall take note that this place is dirty, loads of flies at your table when you are eating. Besides, since it’s located by the river of Sungai Petani, where the color of the river is almost black, you should know how bad it is right? For comparison purpose, I shall say that it might be worse than Line Clear Nasi Kandar.  So if you care much about food hygiene, this is definitely NOT a place for you. If you don’t care much, then yes, this is quite a good place to have lunch here at Sungai Petani.

Total Damage: RM15 for 1 person (yes, all above is what I ate alone)

Location: Jalan Masjid 1, Sungai Petani

Google Map:

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