Restaurant Toipark Village @ Penang

Yay for another Taiwanese food here in Penang. I actually get to know this restaurant from PenangTuaPui, and again, the food they recommend doesn’t disappoints me!

We reach there around 8.00pm, and am quite surprise that there ain’t any customer inside. The design of the shop is very simple and pinkish. Besides, it’s run by Taiwanese as the lady boss ascent show it all. So hopefully I will get to taste some authentic Taiwanese food here.

The Papaya Milk Tea @ RM5.50, is really one of the best that I drank before. The papaya taste is very strong, unlike those you drank outside where the taste is so artificial.

The lemon tea @ RM3.50 is nice too.

The spicy sour hot pot @ RM21. Ahh, this is nice. The soup is spicy, and the sourness of it just bring the soup to a higher level! It’s taste like TomYam but there’s difference between them. I and LY love the soup and we drank it to the last drop. There’s also a mini fire underneath the pot to keep the soup hot all the time.

However, there’s a major flaw of this dish. The ingredients used is bad. Most of them is processed food which I hate the most. The only few things that fresh in it is the mushroom, tofu and vegetables. If only they are not too lazy or stingy and by using fresh fish or chicken, then this dish will be excellent already! 7.9/10

Salt fried chicken @ RM7.50. Crispy and nice especially if ate it with the spicy hot soup. Recommended. 7.5/10

Taiwanese style seaweed @ RM3. It had some smelly taste that I don’t like. I don’t know what they use to cook it, but seems a bit like the “chao tofu” smell. I just eat it once and left the whole plate there. 4/10

All in all, the dining experience is enjoyable, mainly because of the hot pot. I however wonder can I bring my own fish and meat and ask them to cook for me so that no stupid processed food was used. Restaurant Toipark Village is a good place to dine in, as well as get to try some quite authentic Taiwanese food.

Total Damage: RM40.90 for 2 person

Location: Lebuh Kurau 3, Butterworth

Google Map:

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