Restaurant Sai Gao @ Sungai Petani

Restaurant Sai Gao had been doing business in Sungai Petani for years, at least more than 2 decade. In the past, when Sungai Petani is still a small town, and still don’t have shopping mall or air condition restaurant, this is the single most famous restaurant here. Almost all of the business man in Sungai Petani will bring their customer or supplier to have lunch here, mainly because the food here is GOOD, and is also one of the few places that serve “dai chao” during lunch.

Besides, although you can see many empty table, it’s because I reach there early. If you reach around 12pm or later, it will always be full house.

Although the inside is quite old, but they do re-paint it from time to time, to make it looks newer. I had been patronizing this place ever since I was very small,  around the age of 3 to 4, and their interior never change besides the paint, same goes to their dish, still as good as the past.

The Char Siew and Xio Bak here is very famous, especially the Char Siew. I always love their Char Siew here,its good and the fat proportion is always great. The Xio Bak is quite ok too. 7.6/10

Steamed fish Teowchew style. Ahh, awesome stuff. I really love the way they cook it, and although they only use fish meat, but the fish is usually fresh. 8.5/10

And this, the superb Sambal prawn and squid, my all time favorite dish. Every single time I came here, surely I will order this. This is just super stuff, awesomeneesss to the max. It’s not really spicy, and actually taste a bit sweet, but it’s just greatttoo!! 9.0/10

The way they cook the rice is special too. They did not cook 1 whole pot all together, but instead they separate it and cook 1 by 1. However, I see nothing special on this, the rice they cook sometime is still too sticky or too dry.

Besides all those I order, some of their other nice dish are Curry Stingray, Kau Yok, Chili Prawn and Squid is nice too. Really you guys should give it a try when at Sungai Petani. However, they only serve lunch, which for lunch most of the time I prefer eat something more simple.

Total Damage: RM38 for 2 person

Location: Jalan Petri

Google Map:

9 thoughts on “Restaurant Sai Gao @ Sungai Petani

  1. oh yea, the char nui is awesome stuff tooo…..

    steam egg not bad also

    oi kerbau, i go with tee lun ,2 ppl nia how to order so muchy? 😀

    when u balik, we go hunt new food and let me bloggy 😀

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