Wong Ah Wah @ Jalan Alor Kuala Lumpur

The whole street of Jalan Alor is full with restaurant, and the best part is each restaurant are selling almost the same thing, all are “dai chao” and seems to sell Ikan Bakar, and almost every shop are full with customer. So how to know which are the best? I googled and turn up to all the floggers I can find, and decide that I will dine at Wong Ah Wah, as many had commented that the grilled chicken wing here is something to die for!

Since I don’t know where is Wong Ah Wah, I turn in to Jalan Alor from Imperial Hotel (Changkat Bukit Bintang), slowly trying to look for my target restaurant. It’s really not an easy task, as each restaurant you walked pass, you will surely be pulled by the waiter to ask you dine at their place. I had to politely say NO to all of them, while I slowly look for the sign board and search for Wong Ah Wah, but it’s nowhere to be seen after I pass by 10++ restaurant!

While I almost wanted to give up when I almost reach the end of Jalan Alor, I saw Wong Ah Wah Restaurant, it’s at the other end of Jalan Alor, where Nova Hotel is located at.

Before enter the restaurant, I already can see that loads of chicken wing are being grilled, and they certainly look delicious!

The Kam Heong La La is being recommended by many floggers, and it’s really good! It’s not as spicy as others, but it taste just nice. Another thing I noted is that clams I ate at other place, most of the time the meat of the clam tend to fall off, leading to most of the shell is empty. However, almost 99% of the clam here have meat in it. I really don’t know how they manage to do so. 8.4/10

The Ikan Bakar may look plain as they don’t cooked it with gravy, but it certainly taste nice! It’s nicely grilled, no over-burnt part, and the meat is still very soft. Certainly the best plain grilled ikan bakar that I ate before. 8.5/10

However, the sauce that they give to go with the fish is really a let down. It’s just way too normal, and spoil the great taste of the fish. I would rather eat the fish without the sauce at all.

Finally the famous chicken wing arrive. It certainly look great by the look, nicely grilled with shiny skin. 1 bite and oh mai, it’s really juicy inside, and taste good! Yes, grilled chicken wing might seem easy, but if a cook is not good enough, it will certainly lead to overcooked and dried up meat, which happened to every single grilled chicken wing stall I ate at Kuala Lumpur/Selangor.

However, although I won’t deny that the chicken wing here is good, but it’s really not something to die for, reason is most of the chicken wing stall at Sungai Petani and Penang taste equally good as those at Wong Ah Wah. 8.1/10

All in all, Wong Ah Wah still serve great food, and certainly a good place to dine if you are at Jalan Alor.

Total Damage: RM40 for 3 person

Location: Jalan Alor

Google Map:

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