Tuai Pui Curry Mee @ Penang

Tua Pui Curry Mee, located just by the road side of Pengkalan Weld in Penang, serve good curry mee. Their curry mee is special as you can “kah liu”, add in extra stuff as you want, of course by paying more.

As you can see, it’s just a small stall, and have a few tables behind it only. It’s not exactly super famous in Penang, as many people seems don’t know about this place yet. However, do notice the bowl on the left side of the stall, those are curry prawns, curry squid, curry chicken that you can add into your mee. Just wonderful.

Although you can sit just behind the stall, and although the tables are under a big tree, but it’s just too hot for us. So we decide to sit in house, well, as in inside the house of the stall owner. It’s really much much cooler, and also give you an idea of how those old style house look like.

My mum’s curry mee, with squid and chicken feet.

LY’s version, only with chicken wing added.

Mine, with extra chicken meat and chicken liver, also extra cockles. All I can say is, this curry mee is really great! The chicken was cooked until very soft and very nice. The curry mee soup itself is actually white in color, but after add in the sambal and the curry chicken, only it become reddish. I find that the curry mee here is even better than the one in Lorong Seratus, all because the extra stuff you can add in. 8.8/10

However, something interesting is, when all 3 of us finish eating , I notice that the soup of all 3 bowl is totally different! I try and drank all 3 of them again, and notice that each bowl taste different!! This is mainly because all 3 of us add in different type of curry, hence lead to different type of taste, awesome!

Seriously, this curry mee here is great! My mum who was born and breed in Penang, claimed that it’s the best she had, and I sorta agree with her until I found something even better than this. A Must Try! place to have a good bowl of curry mee.

Total Damage: RM19 for 3 person

Location: Pengkalan Weld

Google Map:

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