Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fa @ Ipoh

I really wanted to kick myself as hard as I can when I first try the Tau Fu Fa (Soyabean curd) here at Funny Mountain. Reason is because the Tau Fu Fa here is so dammed good, as in godly good but I only know it not long ago, while I been patronizing Ong Kee and Lou Wong which is just few steps away from it for years.

Yes, a few people do tell me before that the Tau Fu Fa here is good, and yes every time I walk pass I do so people queuing up, but I never bother to try, because I am always thinking, duh, just a Tau Fu Fa la, how good can it be, until the day I try it, I really really regretted for not trying it earlier!

We were too early when we reach. They only start business at 10.30am, and when we reach at 10am, they are still busy preparing. The Tau Fu Fa and Soyabean Milk is not here yet too.

While waiting patiently, I notice that the crowd is building up. Yes, all these cars park in front of the stall are waiting for them to open business. Yea, this is something good about Funny Mountain, you don’t need to find a parking space to enjoy something superb. You can just drive your car and stop in front of the shop, order it in your car, and eat it inside your car, just like McDonald’s!

Finally at 10.20am, it arrived!!!

And yes, inside the bucket is the Tau Fu Fa, and yes, once they are SOLD out, they will close shop, so please come early or be disappointed.

The shop is very small, and are run by few youngsters, and I have to give a thumb up for their attitude. They never show lansi face when I visit them, good job! The Soyabean milk in the bottle is mine, you can order it plain, or mix it with cincau. Both are equally good, its up to your preference. The Soyabean milk is just good stuff, the taste is really strong, which means they never skip on ingredients to save cost!

The Tau Fu Fa, man, look at how smooth the Tau Fu Fa is! Just put into the mouth and it will melt by itself, just awesome! 8.9/10

However, I always like the mix version, Soyabean curd with Soyabean milk, just awesome stuff. 9.7/10

Total Damage: RM6

Location: Jalan Theatre, Ipoh

Google Map:

9 thoughts on “Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fa @ Ipoh

  1. Hey I LOVE Tau Fu Fa, I’ve seen this place before when I went back to Ipoh to visit the in laws. Never got the chance to check this place out but after reading your reviews, I MUST go the next time! It looks so smooth and yummy.

    • hehe, nice, and I pay for my own meal for this LOL.

      Remember to go early, and there are few more famous shop that sell taufu fa at ipoh, but havent got a chance to try them yet too :p

  2. Hahaha that’s why your review is very honest šŸ™‚

    Actually there’s another taufufa shop in Ipoh that sells flavoured ones like pandan etc. Can’t recall where it is exactly, but it’s in Ipoh Town. Got featured in The Star last year. It was quite good and different šŸ™‚

  3. I have been patronizing this stall regularly since………believe it or not, around 1993. eventhough no longer staying Ipoh, but I still try to go there whenever I drop by Ipoh.

  4. Hello Kawan, I managed to FINALLY check this place out during the weekend and my god was it good! The secret is in the pandan flavored sugar water. And also the tau fu fah is soooo smooth!! Definitely will drop by there more next time I’m in ipoh.

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