Little White Dragon Ikan Bakar and Wat Dan Hor @ Sungai Petani

Little White Dragon eh or 小白龙 in chinese, is a small coffee shop at Pekan Lama in Sungai Petani, but it do boast 2 famous food here, the awesomeness Ikan Bakar and the Wat Dan Hor.

The godly tasty Ikan Bakar. Although if compare just the fish itself, the one in Wong Ah Wah is better, but this one wins out overall, mainly due to the sauce used to grilled the fish is just plain great. Really awesome stuff! 9.1/10

The grilled clams,nice stuff too. There are few types of clams available to choose from, from the really small one to medium size, but all subject to availability. 8.1/10

Grilled squid. Another awesome stuff, nicely grilled, with great gravy, just simply awesome! You can opt for all squid and no vegetables if you wish. 8.7/10

The godly sauce, 1 plate is never enough for me. It just make everything above taste way way greater than it supposed to be!

Just a small stall, but great food was served, and cheap! For everything above, the fish, squid and clam is only RM17!

Besides Ikan Bakar, the Wah Tan Hor here is very famous too. However, it only start selling after 10pm, so you have to come late for it. Besides, the waiting time is always extreme long even if the customer is not much, this is because the Wah Tan Hor here is cooked 1 plate at a time. 6.3/10

If you do notice, at other places, the chef will fried a whole bunch of the koay teow and bihun before they actually start business. When there’s an order, they will then cook the gravy and only cooked it with the koay teow and bihun for awhile and it will be ready to served. Almost all restaurant do this is because it take some time to cooked both the koay teow and bihun until it turned brownish. Hence they prepare it first, but this will always lead to the koay teow and bihun all cluttered up, or worse not hot enough when served.

This is not the case here as they will only fried the koay teow and bihun when there’s an order, and cooked it together with the gravy, hence the koay teow and bihun here taste very nice and soft. However, a big however is yes, although the koay teow and bihun taste nice, but the gravy itself is really just below average. Hence it’s really not worth if I were need to wait for an hour for this plate of Wat Dan Hor.

All in all, the Ikan Bakar here is definitely a Must Try! dish in Sungai Petani, highly recommended. While the Wat Dan Hor only try it if you have way too much time to waste.

Total damage: RM17 for ikan bakar, RM2.50 for Wat Dan Hor

Location: Jalan Sekerat, Sungai Petani

Google Map:

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