Restaurant Yong Shu @ Sungai Petani

Restaurant Yong Shu, a place where I and my family will patronize at least twice a month ever since year 2002. The reason we love this place so much is due to the price is very reasonable, food is serve fast, and its good!

The really yummy and lemak curry fish head. Love it a lot. Basically every time we order this, we will bottom up the gravy. Awesome! 9.0/10

Steamed egg. The egg is quite smooth but it’s just average at most. 6.5/10

Black pepper deer meat is nice, the deer meat is very tender. The black pepper is not overwhelming, just good. 7.1/10

Although it’s just a normal looking seafood restaurant, and only have 1 cook, but most of the dish here is really nice. Besides, they have 2 great looking daughter too! Which is….nice!

Restaurant Yong Shu, a Must Try! place to have a great dai chao!

Total Damage: RM35 for 2 person

Operating Hours: After 6.30pm

Location: Jalan Kelab Cinta Sayang, Sungai Petani, Kedah

Google Map:

7 thoughts on “Restaurant Yong Shu @ Sungai Petani

  1. Thanks for blogging for my dad’s restaurant. 🙂 My father is a great chef I can said, I’m proud of him 🙂 !

      • Yep, I’m his eldest daughter. Thanks, still not 100 % recover yet. I have told him to retire cos all of us are capable of taking care ourselves. 😀 he insist to run the restaurant still!

  2. Hey Sam,
    I am glad that I stumbled upon your blog by accident while randomly looking up my hometown, Sungei Petani, on the web.

    The Yong Shu place mentioned on this post looked like a typical old kopitiam place at any typical small town in Malaysia, such as Sungei Petani. However, I have to say, even though born-and-raised in SP, I did not know about this place until I ran into your blog today… then again, I had also been away from hometown most of my teenager and adult life and that was probably why… also this Yong Shu Restaurant is on the other far stretch of the town in relative to my parents’ place (we live in Bakar Arang).

    Anyway, thanks for sharing and blogging about the great foods of SP. On your self-introduction page you mentioned “Good food in my hometown – Sungai Petani is limited”. I have to disagree with you a little here, my fellow Sungei Petanian.  Boring yes, but limited of good food no, especially if you had grown up during the eras of the 70s and 80s – when Ji-Keh “二街”was the go-to place for all hawker good eats and Bi Ah Dong “Mabrown” (the other place you had blogged about here) was at its glorious peak – which is another story that I will talk about in my comment on that post… Those were the times when we Sungei Petanians were really proud of our great traditional and cultural significant “Kor Zha Bi 古早味” yummies. Too bad many of those great hawkers and food vendors had either retired or passed away and their skills and recipes were not passed down to their next generations but simply disappeared. It was a shame…

    But you are probably a lot younger than I am and did not have the chance to witness those great traditional foods of SP at their peaks.

    • I had stop blogging for a long time but I just need to give u a reply here as your comments are precious, not only to me but many old folks in sungai petani too hehe.

      Yea, every now and then, I tend to feel sad when I see 1 and 1 hawker disappeared due to the owner age, either because their children don’t want to take over or the quality just drop dramatically after pass down the generation. It’s really sad to see this. I can’t imagine 10-20 years down is it all these hawker food will just disappear and all we left are only those cafe which is booming around now 😦

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