Joez Coconut Jelly @ Penang

Coconut jelly is already something quite special and rare, but Joez coconut serve something even more special as the jelly is inside the coconut itself!

I will pick this over any other normal coconut stall that sell fresh coconut water as it was served cold. Besides, this type of coconut is usually sweeter than those big green coconut, hence it make this coconut jelly way more refreshing than the normal one.

The coconut looked like just any other coconut you will get when you are at a Thai Restaurant, just that inside 95% of the coconut water had turned into jelly. According to Motormouth and CKLam, the Coconut Jelly is formed by roasting the coconut in a oven, and then was placed in a colder room. I was also told that no additive or artificial chemical is added, neither preservative. Therefore, the Coconut Jelly usually only last few days before it turn sour.

One might not want to eat the Coconut Jelly inside the shop if he/she is too particular, as it’s very small and quite dirty since it’s full with coconut! Besides, they only have 1 table inside the shop only. One must also take note that if you choose to dine here, plastic spoon will be given, and you will have a hard time to scoop the coconut meat as the spoon is too fragile.

Joez Coconut is located at the busy Jalan Dato Keramat road in Penang, and it’s quite hard to notice. It’s just before the police station on your left if you come from Komtar.

You can also give them a call if you still unable to find it. Buy Original please!

Total Damage: RM3.70 for 1

Operating Hours: 11am to 7pm

Location: Jalan Dato Keramat, Penang

Google Map:

4 thoughts on “Joez Coconut Jelly @ Penang

  1. hi, JOEZcoconut jelly is the best b’coz….i went to the wrong shop which is directly opposite JOEZ . After i ate the jelly there i was thinking how come u ppl can say is so nice coz it was so terrible over there…..2 days later my fren bought for me JOEZ coconut jelly it was so refreshing….now i wonder y u’ll said that

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