Kimberley Street Koay Chap @ Penang

Kimberley street in Penang is full with great food especially at night, and the koay chap here, is just amazing.

Koay Chap is quite different with other type of noodle, looks a bit like koay teow, but it’s thicker and have a different texture.

However, I don’t really care how the noodle taste like, but more important is how it was cooked and the ingredients used, such as the duck meat, pork coagulated blood and various innards used in this koay chap. The soup here is very thick and full with duck flavor, just yummy. I basically drank the whole bowl of soup until it was empty. 8.2/10

There’s only 1 stall selling koay chap there, so you won’t miss it, besides, nearby the stall will always have a huge crowd too.

Besides the koay chap is famous, I also heard that the “xi guai tng” here is good, so I decided to give it a try too.

However, although the crowd in the shop show that it was really famous, but to me, this bowl of thing is just average, nothing special. 5.2/10

Total Damage: RM5 per bowl of koay chap

Operating Hours: After 6.30pm

Location: Kimberley Street, Penang

Google Map:

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