Bus Station Beef Noodle @ Sungai Petani

According to many people, in Sungai Petani, there’s only 1 place where the beef noodle there is worth eating, which is the one at the bus station of Sungai Petani. However, shame on me, I never heard of it until recently, someone who was not born and breed in Sungai Petani, neither he stayed in Sungai Petani before told me this, and only after that I found out that almost everyone in Sungai Petani know about it, besides me…….

It was sold by a pair of uncle aunty, and they had been selling it for more than 20 years.

However, it’s really really disappointing. When it was served, I already sense that this won’t be a good bowl of good beef noodle, as the soup doesn’t look thick at all. Yes, there are quite a few type of cow innards, and the beef is tender, but the soup is just average at best. The soup is a bit too watery, and is quite blend, totally not enough beef taste. Besides, although I opt for extra ingredients, it came with a hefty price tag at RM8, which is very expansive for Sungai Petani standard. I wouldn’t mind to pay for it if its good, but the quality of it is just….bleh. 5.1/10

However, I won’t deny that this is still the best beef noodle in Sungai Petani, as the others I tried is just uneatable, but if compare to the really good beef noodle, especially the one in Penang, this is just fail.

However, there’s still something that never failed me here at the bus station, which is the ice blended stuff. You can choose from a range of fruits such as pineapple, coconut, apple, orange and many more. If fruits is something you find that ice blended is normal, you can also opt for milo, red beans, peanut ice blended. You can also opt for “xi xua ga” if you are the adventurous type, which the person will simply mix everything that came to his mind and blend it with ice, but if something undrinkable came up, or you get diarrhea, don’t blame me.

There are a few stalls selling it, but I find that each of them is equally good, so I am never been particular in picking which to go.

The left one is the Milo ice blended, while the right one is the Peanut ice blended. Yum yum…… 8.0/10

Total Damage: RM8 for beef noodle (extra ingredient)

Operation Hours: 9am to 4pm (Close at Wednesday)

Location: Sungai Petani Bus Station

Google Map:

6 thoughts on “Bus Station Beef Noodle @ Sungai Petani

  1. I think the blended deserves a separate post. They’re even featured in Ho Chiak 8tv.

    Try the dou tou ka (peanuts), jagung ka (corn), ang tou ka (red beans) and si sua ka (mixed). They’re awesome wei …

  2. So far I remember 2 episodes Ho Chiak covered SP (including Bedong).

    – G. Tiang Chui Tua Pan
    – Lao K laksa (2nd street)
    – Jawa Mee (2nd street)
    – Ice Blended
    – A special bread/pao kinda thing in Taman Sejati

    You can view those episodes in 8tv website. Good luck.

  3. Back in the days, like many Chinese in SP, my family does not eat beef. So I have to say I had never had the chance to try this Beef Noodle when I was young even I had always known about it. It was the “only” Beef Noodle place back then as far as I can remember. However, having eaten many great Beef Noodle soup of various version and different nationalities and ethnic groups after I left home and started trying beef, I would agree with you that it is very likely that “this is just fail” if I eat it now and compare to other great Beef Noodle soup I had tried before. 🙂

    But the blended drinks definitely deserve its own stand-alone post lah! It is not just the drinks, it is the place itself that many Sungei Petanians will share the common sentimental memories about from their youth. The drinks are also quite special. Not something I had seen often based on my traveling experience on various parts of Malaysia before I left for the States. The closet thing I have come across was Java Juice and other health blended drinks that happen to be famous in the States about 20 years ago.

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