Green House Hokkien Mee @ Penang

Green house Hokkien Mee, located at Burmah road, was regarded as one of the best Hokkien Mee by many Penangties. One of the specialty here is you can opt for many extra ingredients such as “pai kuat“, roasted pork and many others, which makes the Hokkien Mee more yuummy.

Not only the coffee shop was named Green House, but the Hokkien Mee stall is also in bright green color. However, to me, this bowl of Hokkien Mee is really so so only, really nothing to shout about despite it’s fame. However, can’t deny that the roasted pork here is good. 6.0/10

We did order some “bap cham gai” aka steamed chicken, which turn out to be really really good. The meat is very very soft, and the chicken skin is very smooth. It’s been sometime I ate such good steamed chicken at Penang! 8.5/10

It’s actually a stall selling chicken porridge, but the chicken here is just awesome! Don’t be fooled by the small stall, when I walk pass the stall, I saw loads of chicken behind it waiting to be chopped and served. This just show how good the business of this small stall is!

After that, we head straight to Chulia Street for an energy booster drink, Badam Milk, or also known as Almond milk. It’s actually cow milk with almond, raisins and cashew nuts. All of it was cooked in a huge kuali, as shown in the picture below.

The milk was pulled like “teh tarik” before it was served. This is the first time I drank Badam milk, but I don’t really like it, most likely because I am not a fan of nuts, but to have raisins in my drink is a good thing though. This stall was located just outside the famous Restaurant Kapitan at Chulia street. 6.0/10

Total Damage: RM4.50 for Hokkien Mee, RM2.5 for Badam Milk

Operating hours: Both also after 8pm

Location: Hokkien Mee – Burmah road, Penang

Badam Milk – Chulia Street, Penang

Google Map:

PS: Sorry for the bad picture in this post, I am fooling around with a 500D, and being the 1st time using a DSLR, I had no real idea how to use it. Most of the shot was shot at bigger than f2.8, resulting in too shallow DOF. Sigh…..

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