Kheng Pin Loh Bak @ Penang

Loh bak is something that most Penangtie like to order when eating their main such as Hokkien Mee, Char Koay Teow, Curry Mee and many others. Loh Bak is actually marinated minced pork wrapped with bean-curd, but when people order, they will usually also order other such as fried beancurd, prawn fritters, century egg and many others.

However, these days, even in Penang, it’s quite hard to find really good Loh Bak, and luckily Kheng Pin Cafe at Penang road still able to maintain it’s standards after years. The variety here is quite a lot compare to others, and each piece is very crispy. Besides, the flour here is not overwhelming until you can only taste flour but not the meat itself. 7.7/10


The old uncle is busying preparing to serve almost every table in the coffee shop.


The most important part of a plate of good Loh Bak is the chili sauce and the thick starchy loh sauce since you basically will dip almost everything in the plate to it.


The Wantan mee however is a failure to me, as I really hate this type of Wantan Mee. The Wantan itself taste good since it’s quite big and stuff with meat inside, but I just don’t like the way the noodle was cooked. My mum find that it’s good though. 5.0/10


Do visit Kheng Pin cafe if you wish to try some really good loh bak.

Operating Hours: 8am to 3pm

Location: Penang Road, Penang.

Google Map:

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