Goh Seng Huat Steamboat @ Penang

The last time I was here at Kimberley street, I notice there is this restaurant fully loaded with black heads inside, well, as in human heads with black hair la. A peek inside, and I notice most of the table got something very tall, which is actually a pot for steamboat. I don’t understand what’s the need to make the pot such high though, anyone can enlightened me? :p

2010.03.13 Goh Seng Huat Steamboat @ Penang-14

We reach there early at around 6pm, and the whole restaurant seems empty, right? It was until when we were eating halfway, and I overheard the staff tell some customer that inside already full, and they had to setup table outside the restaurant for them. Then only I notice, all the other table inside the restaurant are already reserved!!

2010.03.13 Goh Seng Huat Steamboat @ Penang-10-18

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Lebuh Chulia Beef Noodle @ Penang

Lebuh Chulia Beef Noodle, ahhh my favorite, my lovely Beef Noodle. Whenever I go to a place for Beef Noodle, I will definitely compare with the one here, and until now, I still can’t find a place which served better version than the one here! It’s that good, at least for me!

2010.03.11 Chulia Street Beef noodle @ Penang-7

Ahh….yummy. It’s full with different type of beef, tenderloin, sirloin, intestine, all is goodies goodie. The beef ball is very nice too. However, a nice bowl of beef noodle can only be good if the soup itself is good, and the one here never fails! It taste so beefy! 9.5/10

2010.03.11 Chulia Street Beef noodle @ Penang-5

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Lorong Selamat Char Koay Teow @ Penang

Ahh, finally, the super famous Char Koay Teow in Penang is here – Lorong Selamat Char Koay Teow. This is possibly the most famous Char Koay Teow in Malaysia. Almost everyone who visit Penang will always ask their the local Penangties to bring them here for a plate of awesomeness Char Koay Teow. The aunty who fried the Char Koay Teow is also very famous, not only due to her attitude, but also because she wear a goggle when she is cooking.

However, although I know the Char Koay Teow here is good, I banned this place for many years ago. This is because most of the time I was there few years back, I need to queue up waiting the aunty frying, under the bloody hot sun! Besides, the queue is never short, and most of the time you need to queue up to 45 minutes or more! This is madness!

Until recently I had removed them from the ban list as they had shifted out to a new coffee shop – Kafe Heng Huat. Although there’s only 1 stall in this coffee shop, which is the Char Koay Teow, you can order other foods such as O-Chien, curry mee, rojak and many more from the coffee shops nearby to here. Well, actually some of the store waiter will be lurking inside the coffee shop and asked you will you want to order from them.

Ever since the Char Koay Teow moved to here, one no longer need to queue up for their koay teow, they can seat inside and wait for it. This is so much better, although the waiting time is still hell long (1 hour) if you come at the peak hour (around 2pm to 3pm).

2010.03.06 Lorong Selamat Char Koay Teow @ Penang-8

Since I hate waiting, and also due to the coffee shop is small and too packed, making it way too hot and uncomfortable to sit and wait inside for long, I decided to came early at around 11am when they just start business. However, I notice something wrong when I was there. The aunty with goggle is missing! There’s someone frying the koay teow, but it’s definitely not her! However, since I am here, I still order it and thought, well maybe I just need to wait awhile for the real cook to appear.

However, this is not true! The mysterious cook took our order, and proceed to fried it for us! Only until she finish frying, the main cook appear, but it’s all too late. Only till then, I notice that the mysterious person who fried it is actually the assistant of the goggle aunty all this while. She is the one that took your order normally, while the main cook focus on frying only. Since she had been beside the main cook for so long, definitely she had learn a thing or two right?

Fortunately for  us, yes, the assistant skill is good. The Char Koay Teow is not bad and was way above average than the normal one. 7.7/10

2010.03.06 Lorong Selamat Char Koay Teow @ Penang-2

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Passions of Kerala @ Penang

Banana leaf rice is a traditional vegetarian dish of Southern India. It is usually served with rice on a piece of banana leaf, with few vegetables and curry on top. According to Wikipedia, the banana leaf is used as the coating on the banana leaf released by the hot rice will help in digestion.

The banana leaf rice set itself is usually cheap, as example, here at Passion of Kerala, it only cost RM5.50 for the White Rice Set, and RM6 for the Tomato Rice Set. Bear in mind that the rice is unlimited, same goes to the curry and the side dish for it. However, I don’t find the Tomato rice is nice as it seems besides the color, it taste the same as normal rice. Besides, the rice is also too sticky to my liking. One should also use hand to eat (instead of using fork and spoon like me) to enjoy it more, as finger licking is always good. 6.7/10

2010.03.07 Passions of Kerala @ Penang-2

The curry fish @ RM4.50 is served in a small claypot. The curry taste good, and the fish is good enough for 3 of us too. 7.0/10

2010.03.07 Passions of Kerala @ Penang-5

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Sai Lam Coffee Shop @ Penang

When mentioned about beef noodle, it’s either soup based, or dry based. Dry based is usually like Wantan Noodle, just that it’s with beef on top.

So here I am, at Sai Lam Coffee shop for it’s Ngau Lam Mee. It’s with mountain full of beef as I opt for “kar liu”, but it seems a bit overkill since all is just meat, but not it’s innards 😦

The meat itself is quite soft and tender, but still not the best around in town. Again, if only they have more “ngau lam” instead of just meat, then it will taste better. The noodle itself is not bad though, but might be a bit too salty for some people. 6.8/10

Sai Nam Cafe @ Penang-1

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Restaurant Kapitan @ Penang

There’s a huge red sign board at Lebuh Chulia, showing this particular shop, Restaurant Kapitan, which is also the place that sell Badam Milk. Since whenever I pass by this shop during night time, I always saw loads of head there, I know surely it’s something good and decided to give them a try 1 fine day.

And yes, the food served here is good!

Their Biryani Chicken rice come with a small claypot, which is kinda unique. The rice is nice but not as nice as you able to eat it itself. I will prefer to have some curry to go with it. However, the chicken is good stuff, very tender and fragrant! 7.3/10

Restaurant Kapitan @ Penang-1

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Magazine Road Teochew Porridge @ Penang

What is the best way to fill up your stomach? Seating? Standing? No, both are WRONG! The best way should be squatting! Squatting and eat is just like how you are doing big business every morning if your house don’t have a seated toilet bowl! Why is this the best way? Because everything you fill in, will direct come out from the hole down there, and you will store 0% fat, and you will be healthy, just kidding.

Well, I was always attracted to this place due to it super unique seating style, squatting on a small piece of bangku (stool) while eating. I always wonder why the hell will people want to eat like this when they can seat properly.Besides, although I never seat there when I am eating there, I find that you need skills to squat and eat. The stool ain’t big and if you stacked it up, you might just fall down if you can’t balance yourself properly.

My mum do told me that this place is frequently visited by trishaw (tricycle) fellows as the Teochew style porridge served here is good and most importantly, Cheap!

Gaik Ten Street Porrdige @ Penang-8

It’s amazing how they are able to cook so many dishes in such a small and basic kitchen.

Gaik Ten Street Porrdige @ Penang-7

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