Hock Chuan Heong @ Penang

Hock Chuan Heong, although it’s located at the ground floor of some old flats, but it still manage to pull a huge crowd to it every afternoon, mainly due to it’s oyster dishes.


Oyster noodle, 1 of their signature dish here. You can opt for all oyster or mix with some seafood. I absolutely love the noodle here, its very smooth, and the gravy is just great. Besides, the seafood used are fresh too, which makes another big plus for it. 7.9/10


Fried Oyster Omelette aka O Chien here is good. The oyster was not fried until dried  up, and the omelette itself was not too starchy too. The size of oyster here is quite good too, but how I wish it was bigger. 7.8/10


Sua Na fried Tofu is another recommended dish here. Nice! 7.5/10


Bak Ki soup, something you can’t find it easily, especially good one. Ba Ki is fried pork cooked in a bowl of soup with vegetables, hence  you can see that the soup is very oily, and the pork itself is the fat version just make it even oilier!


However, it taste just nice and you won’t feel that the oiliness is over-killing unless you are way too health conscious.


The crowd here seems start to increase at 1pm, so do try come earlier at around 12pm to get a table easier. However, it seems that they do cooked their dish fast, which is good.

Operating Hours: 11.30am to 3pm

Location: Gat Lebuh Cecil, Penang. (its located behind the Pos Office which is opposite of the famous Hock Seng Rojak)

Google Map:

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