Gurney Plaza Jurin Express @ Penang

I am a fan of Japanese food, but always and always say a big super NO to something like “Sissy King” and “Sakai Sushi”. Why? Because they sucks. Yes they are cheap, but no I still don’t want to go there.

So here am I, at Penang Gurney Plaza, Jurin Express, which is extremely near to “Sissy King” and “Sakai Sushi”. I choose them because I find that the ambiance seems nice from outside, compare to “Sissy King” and “Sakai Sushi” again.

Salad, forget what salad is this already (also forget is it complimentary one or not). Ok ok la.


Unagi Salad, something quite special and it actually taste not bad. 6.5/10


Salmon Sushi Roll, just like the normal Salmon Sushi, but with some seaweed only. 6.0/10


Teppanyaki chicken set, come with vegetables and soup. The gravy is good to go with rice. 5.9/10


Teppanyaki salmon set. It’s the exact same thing with the Teppanyaki chicken set, just that the meat is now fish instead of chicken. However, for Salmon, I only like to eat it as raw, or baked, not other way. 5.6/10


Saba À la carte, but we opt for the set, which comes with soup, rice and salad. This one is not bad la and they give us quite a big piece too. 6.2/10


Overall, for the price, it’s quite worth it to dine in Jurin Express. Both the food and ambiance is better than “Sissy King” and “Sakai Sushi”, but of course it’s more expansive too. However, if your budget allows and you are very particular about Japanese food, then this will not be a place for you.

Operating hours: 11.30am to 10pm

Location: Gurney Plaza, Penang

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