Wong Fee Kee Roasted Pork @ Ipoh

During the 5th day of Chinese New Year, I went down to Ipoh, and I never expect such many people are there! I reach Ipoh at around 10.30am, and decided to have my breakfast, only to found out that 3 of the usual place I had my breakfast in Ipoh – Yee Fat, Lou Wong/Ong Kee and another coffee shop near UOB bank there is full with loads of people are standing waiting for empty table!

This is madness! At 10.30am, most people usually already finish their breakfast, and still too early for lunch, but why is this happening!

Finally, I decided to try to the Pig’s Offals Porridge that Motormouth recommend, only to find out they haven’t start business yet!! End up I had to patron Ngan Woh again. Sigh, it’s really a bad day for me as before this, I already made a huge detour. I actually wanted to go to Jalan Lapangan Terbang, so I use the Pantai Hospital exit. In the end, as I made the wrong turn, I end up in Tanjung Rambutan and Bercham……… sigh oh sigh…..

Anyway, after steamed fish…….


The yummy looking roasted pork at Wong Fee Kee, really fatty and yummy delicious looking.


When I was there, I had to queue up to buy as they are few people in front of me already, and the lady just open the stalled not too long ago!


The roasted pork here is really good stuff. Although I had it after 3 hours I buy it, and it was placed under air-conditioned room, it still taste good although it was cold already. It however do taste a bit salty, but OK for me. 8.2/10


The char siew here taste nice too, and although it’s very red, which means that most likely huge amount of dye was used, but well, worry that later! 7.8/10


Roasted pork and char siew here is really awesome stuff, pity I don’t have the chance to try the Pig’s Offals Porridge which was also sold in the same coffee shop.

Total Damage: RM10

Operating hours: After 11.30am until sold out

Location: Lorong Bercham 5, Ipoh. (Just beside Ngan Woh Coffee Shop)

Google Map:

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