Golden Point Pau Langkap @ Ipoh

I think most of us know that whenever a tour bus bring us to some place and tell us something is good there, chances are high that it will turn out bad. This is mainly due to travel agents or tour guides will get huge amount of commission if they bring people to visit the shop, hence even if the food is bad, they will still say is good and bring you there.

However, there is always exception.


Although this place is famous among tour buses, but the Pau Langkap here is good stuff unlike others. You get to choose the filling you want from the huge menu hanging on the stall itself.


1 thing I love the pau langkap here is because the skin is very very soft. Besides, they are quite generous with the filling, and the skin is not too thick until you taste flour rather than the filling.  The meat inside is also very tender and taste nice! 7.5/10


This pau langkap is located at Golden Point food court in Bercham, Ipoh. I never try other food here before as I usually come here for take away only.


Operating Hours: 11am until 5pm

Location: Bercham, Ipoh

Google Map:

3 thoughts on “Golden Point Pau Langkap @ Ipoh

  1. PAU LOVER, In TELUK INTAN, KEDAI KOPI 238 have famous pau stall that the CHAR SIEW PAU, VEGETABLE PAU, KAYA PAU and KOPI Mantao is good to try.
    The white coffee also good. I always spend my drinking coffee there.

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