Ghee Seng Tom Yam @ Penang

Ghee Seng Tom Yam at Lebuhraya Raya Merdeka is just so close to my house in Penang, and I always saw their shinny sign board when I pass by the main road. After reading some food porn by CKLam, Penangtuapui and Criz, I decided to give them a visit by driving my superb Modenas Kriss  120 there.

The shop seems to have a major renovation not too long ago as the interior seems to be very different from what I saw in the internet. I almost thought I went in the wrong shop, but judging from the shop name and the crowd inside, I guess I came to the right place.

Although many people had compliment that the food served at Weld Quay Tree Shade Seafood is very fast and which is true, but the food here at Ghee Seng is even faster! Our chair is not even hot but our food is already on our table!

Belacan fried kangkung. It was not over-fried, but taste-wise it’s just  normal. 6.5/10


The Siam Loh Bak here is good stuff. I love the filling as it’s very different from the Chinese style one. The filling is a bit like otak-otak. 7.2/10


The Thai basil chicken is another good stuff. Although I might have to complain that the chicken is too lean, but the gravy is really nice and goes really well with rice. 7.5/10


The omelette here do look normal, but taste good. If only they give me some Siam style sambal for me to go with it. 6.5/10


The mighty red hot Tom Yam, recommended by many floggers.


The Tom Yam taste not bad. It’s full with chillies, but it’s not as spicy as I expect. I opt for Tom Yam fish instead of Tom Yam seafood, as I am a huge fish lover.


I do find that the Tom Yam is quite different from others. The soup is thicker and to me it taste a bit like curry. Nevertheless it’s still quite good, but definitely not 1 of the best in my list. 7.0/10


Ghee Seng Thai food serve some goodie Thai food, and price seems quite cheap. I don’t know the exact price as I met someone I know there, and thanks to him, I got a free meal ! 😀

Location: Lebuhraya Raya Merdeka, Penang. (It’s on your left side if you come from the Jetty, around the are where you turn right will lead you to KOMTAR)

Operating hours: 11.00am – 3.00pm, 6.00pm – 1.00am (Closed on Wednesday)

Google Map:

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