New Lane Hawker Centre @ Penang

If one pass by Macalister road at night, the hawker food stalls at New Lane will definitely caught your attention. It’s so loaded with choice of food. You can basically find almost all of famous Penang food there. If you can visit only 1 place at Penang for your dinner, and you want to try as much Penang food as possible, then New Lane is a highlyly recommended place.

However, since there is just so much to try, I will only blog 2 of the many many food here, which is the grilled chicken wing and fried oyster. Some of the other recommended food to try here is the Chu Chap Cheok (pork innards porridge) and the Char Koay Kak but those will be featured here later.


The grilled chicken wing at Sin Yin Nam coffee shop is a must order from me every time I am here. It is awesome, simply delicious. Besides, I had also noticed most of the time their business are too good until they are unable to grilled more for stock. This is good as it will ensure what you ordered is grilled fresh. The grilled chicken wing here is on par with the super famous Wong Ah Wah at Jalan Alor. 8.0/10


There are few O-Chien (fried oyster) stall here, this one is from Weng Kei. It’s taste OK, but in terms of taste it still lose out to the better one. It might be too starchy for some people too. However, the oyster used is quite big and fresh though. 6.5/10


There are still many many more stuff to try here and one who are not familiar will definitely in deep headache on what to order as the size of stomach is just so small!

Operating Hours: 7.30pm to 12am

Location: Lorong Baru, Penang. (off Macalister road, and nearby to Sunway Hotel)

Google Map:

8 thoughts on “New Lane Hawker Centre @ Penang

  1. Personally, I like the food street at Lebuh Kimberley more. Maybe I am biased towards the braised chicken feet there.

    But the thing I like bout New Lane is the hot tong sui with ginkgo nuts.

  2. For those who love to eat fried oyster, you must try the one in Goh Chew coffee shop at new lane, next to Hotel Sunway. Not too starchy and you can see all the fresh oyster on top of it.

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