Tasty Bak Gua @ Penang

Bak Gua, or Bak Kwa, or Malaysian Jerky is a Chinese delicacy here in Malaysia. It’s a salty sweet dried meat where Chinese eat it as snack, go with bread or alcohol, and also as gift during occasions. However, most of the time when people buy Bak Gua, they will go to those big franchise shop which I usually avoid. Reasons is those shop or big brands are too commercialized, and their Bak Gua are usually all machine made, which I hate!

So here I introduce you, Tasty Bak Gua at Penang.

tasty bak gua-1

The Bak Gua here is all barbecued using charcoal instead of using oven. The shop owner will barbecued it everyday to ensure what they sell is fresh!

tasty bak gua-2

The shop is just a small one compare to those big franchise. They also don’t have much choice, but I can assure you, what they sell is in high quality. You can also opt for chicken if you want instead of pork.

tasty bak gua-3

Well, although the Bak Gua here is good, but I find that I utterly failed in taking the picture of it. So guys, please bear with it. The Bak Gua here must be consumed in less than 3 days after you bought it to ensure it taste best. Anything longer, and if the humidity or weather is bad, your Bak Gua might turn bad. 8.5/10

tasty bak gua-4

Besides, 1 shall also notice, if you wish to purchase it during special occasions, especially during Chinese New Year period, you must order first or the chances to buy is ZERO!

Operating hours: 10am to 4pm

Location: Lebuh Cintra, Penang

Google Map:

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