Restaurant Yoong Kee @ Bukit Mertajam, Penang

Talk about restaurant that got really long history, and this will definitely be one of them! Restaurant Yoong Kee had been here at Jalan Pasar, Bukit Mertajam ever since when my mum was in her early working days, if her memory servers her right…….

The restaurant is small and old, but this never stopped people from coming to them. However, since it’s always packed, I really had to complained that it’s not really fun to have dinner there especially these days when the weather is god damned hot! All of us were sweating badly and we swear on them inside our heart on why they don’t want to invest a bit more on fan to make their customer feel more comfortable. It might be better if we came later, but since we arrive there around 6pm, the sun is still godly bright and awesomely hot…..grrr!

However, they do serve some nice Teochew food, luckily.

Restaurant Yong Kee @ Penang-5

We start our hot dinner with a good bowl of hot pork and peanut soup. It taste good, and only if pork tail was used instead of pork ribs and lean meat. 6.5/10

Restaurant Yong Kee @ Penang-1

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