Restaurant Kapitan @ Penang

There’s a huge red sign board at Lebuh Chulia, showing this particular shop, Restaurant Kapitan, which is also the place that sell Badam Milk. Since whenever I pass by this shop during night time, I always saw loads of head there, I know surely it’s something good and decided to give them a try 1 fine day.

And yes, the food served here is good!

Their Biryani Chicken rice come with a small claypot, which is kinda unique. The rice is nice but not as nice as you able to eat it itself. I will prefer to have some curry to go with it. However, the chicken is good stuff, very tender and fragrant! 7.3/10

Restaurant Kapitan @ Penang-1

And finally, the yummy yummy Tandori Chicken with Nan. The Tandori Chicken here is really really good! It’s very juicy and tender, unlike some place where the tandori chicken was dried and hard. With some lime on top, oh mai, it’s awesome!! I can only complaint about the small portion. 8.8/10

Restaurant Kapitan @ Penang-2

For the nan, as always, I opt for the super one, which is garlic butter cheese nan, all in one! Hence, the nan itself is already good stuff and can be eated itself. It’s very fattening though, but….who cares! 8.8/10

Restaurant Kapitan @ Penang-3

However, although the food here is good, I do find that their service is quite bad. Yes, they might be too busy, but sometimes I find that it just take them too long to take your order and for the food to arrive especially since most mamak are fast on it.

Total Damage: Biryani Rice with chicken @ RM7, Tandori Chicken with Nan – RM8

Operating Hours: For both the Biryani Rice and Tandori Chicken, they only served it after lunch time

Location: Lebuh Chulia, Penang

Google Map:

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