Sai Lam Coffee Shop @ Penang

When mentioned about beef noodle, it’s either soup based, or dry based. Dry based is usually like Wantan Noodle, just that it’s with beef on top.

So here I am, at Sai Lam Coffee shop for it’s Ngau Lam Mee. It’s with mountain full of beef as I opt for “kar liu”, but it seems a bit overkill since all is just meat, but not it’s innards 😦

The meat itself is quite soft and tender, but still not the best around in town. Again, if only they have more “ngau lam” instead of just meat, then it will taste better. The noodle itself is not bad though, but might be a bit too salty for some people. 6.8/10

Sai Nam Cafe @ Penang-1

The fish porridge here is good too. The porridge is very smooth,  however, the amount of fish is quite little, but still, it’s good. 6.9/10

Sai Nam Cafe @ Penang-2

Sai Lam Coffee shop is located at where Carnavon Street and Chulia Street met, the 2 great street which offers superb food!

Sai Nam Cafe @ Penang-3

Operating hours: 5pm to midnight

Location: Junction of Carnavon street and Chulia Street

Google Map:

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