Passions of Kerala @ Penang

Banana leaf rice is a traditional vegetarian dish of Southern India. It is usually served with rice on a piece of banana leaf, with few vegetables and curry on top. According to Wikipedia, the banana leaf is used as the coating on the banana leaf released by the hot rice will help in digestion.

The banana leaf rice set itself is usually cheap, as example, here at Passion of Kerala, it only cost RM5.50 for the White Rice Set, and RM6 for the Tomato Rice Set. Bear in mind that the rice is unlimited, same goes to the curry and the side dish for it. However, I don’t find the Tomato rice is nice as it seems besides the color, it taste the same as normal rice. Besides, the rice is also too sticky to my liking. One should also use hand to eat (instead of using fork and spoon like me) to enjoy it more, as finger licking is always good. 6.7/10

2010.03.07 Passions of Kerala @ Penang-2

The curry fish @ RM4.50 is served in a small claypot. The curry taste good, and the fish is good enough for 3 of us too. 7.0/10

2010.03.07 Passions of Kerala @ Penang-5

Mutton Masala @ RM5. This is good, the meat is tender, and the curry is very thick, really good to go with rice. 7.6/10

2010.03.07 Passions of Kerala @ Penang-6

Curry Squid @ RM6, which failed badly. The squid itself ain’t fresh, and neither the blend taste curry help to make it taste better. 5.5/10

2010.03.07 Passions of Kerala @ Penang-3

Curry Chicken @ RM3.50 is not bad too, although the meat is a bit hard, but nevertheless the curry itself is good. 6.8/10

2010.03.07 Passions of Kerala @ Penang-4

And finally, I top my lunch up with a glass of Mango Lassi @ RM4.50. Although it’s a bit sour, but it’s still creamy and nice!

2010.03.07 Passions of Kerala @ Penang-1

The spice they used to cook was placed outside for diners to look and smell them. Just joking….it’s fake.

2010.03.07 Passions of Kerala @ Penang-7

Passions of erala, oops, the K is gone……

2010.03.07 Passions of Kerala @ Penang-9

However, although the food is good, but I will NEVER EVER come back here again. Even till now I am still wondering, why I still able to eat there at that point of time?! Well, what happened is, when I reached there, it was only 11am, and the restaurant was not fully ready for business yet. All the chairs inside the restaurant are still up on the table, and the floor is still wet after mopping.

When asked the waiter are they ready, he say yes, and asked us would us want to sit outside (the only table outside the restaurant as shown in the picture) and eat. I say OK until…….. I SAW ON TOP OF THE TABLE, THEY PUT A FREAKING BIG BLACK FLOOR MAT ON IT! Seriously WTFISTHISSHIT? The floor mat was not washed and it was meant to put just at the entrance of the shop where hundreds and thousands of people had walk pass it, step on it, and they put it on top of a table meant for customers to seat and eat?????????????

Again, WTFISTHISSHIT!!!!! Why I still go in and eat? Imagine the hygiene of the place itself when they can do that in front of the customer……duhhhhhh……bye bye Passions of Kerala, although your food is consider good, but this is just too much.

Total Damage: RM41.10

Operating Hours: 11.30am to 9pm

Location: 40, Service Road (Burmah Square)

Contact: 04-2292570

Google Map:

6 thoughts on “Passions of Kerala @ Penang

  1. I stayed around the area and familliar enough of this place as I went there a few times.
    No doubt the food is good.

    a big… BUT

    Me & My Friend when there for a makan at dinner time.
    The dissapointment on the service was terrible.
    Not the first time as I had experience it 2-3 times.

    In short what I can remember the few other days was they were showing “sour face” everytime we are there.
    ( What did we ever do to have them treat us that way as we are paying for the food as well )

    The last visit was around last week when I was asking for mutton curry from the worker.
    He said he would ask the owner ( Lady ).
    He asked the lady and and the LADY answered loudly stating ” Dia Mau Mutton Curry, Pi lah PASAR MALAM beli”.

    Indeed that she let me hear that and how freakin RUDE was she.
    and what i notice is that if you are a family friend or maybe a regular they will treat you like King & Queen and bring whatever curry they asked for ( it happen beside my table ).

    So when I left with anger, I asked a Man ( at the counter) should be the owner, I asked “Is there no mutton curry, he stated we don’t have mutton curry but only Mutton Masala.” ( The LADY should have told me in a proper way right?, why must she mention all those? )

    After Finish eating…we walk to pay…
    Then I confronted him and stating ” why is the lady so rude” he answered….. ” why cannot ah”…

    What Kind of Service is this???.. I rather take my money somewhere else than to see those faces again

      • lucky for them in Penang…If in PJ or KL i will screw em kau kau …or then walk off
        without payment…Here we call kena Pau…Dont get angry get even LOL…no BS me has done it many time…

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