Goh Seng Huat Steamboat @ Penang

The last time I was here at Kimberley street, I notice there is this restaurant fully loaded with black heads inside, well, as in human heads with black hair la. A peek inside, and I notice most of the table got something very tall, which is actually a pot for steamboat. I don’t understand what’s the need to make the pot such high though, anyone can enlightened me? :p

2010.03.13 Goh Seng Huat Steamboat @ Penang-14

We reach there early at around 6pm, and the whole restaurant seems empty, right? It was until when we were eating halfway, and I overheard the staff tell some customer that inside already full, and they had to setup table outside the restaurant for them. Then only I notice, all the other table inside the restaurant are already reserved!!

2010.03.13 Goh Seng Huat Steamboat @ Penang-10-18

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