Goh Seng Huat Steamboat @ Penang

The last time I was here at Kimberley street, I notice there is this restaurant fully loaded with black heads inside, well, as in human heads with black hair la. A peek inside, and I notice most of the table got something very tall, which is actually a pot for steamboat. I don’t understand what’s the need to make the pot such high though, anyone can enlightened me? :p

2010.03.13 Goh Seng Huat Steamboat @ Penang-14

We reach there early at around 6pm, and the whole restaurant seems empty, right? It was until when we were eating halfway, and I overheard the staff tell some customer that inside already full, and they had to setup table outside the restaurant for them. Then only I notice, all the other table inside the restaurant are already reserved!!

2010.03.13 Goh Seng Huat Steamboat @ Penang-10-18

The steamboat here came with set at difference pricing. Since there are for of us, we are recommended the RM60 set. Here at Goh Huat Seng, they only have the chicken soup version, and you can’t opt for Tom Yam one. Besides, when the steamboat came, it was also pre-filled with vegetables inside already.

2010.03.13 Goh Seng Huat Steamboat @ Penang-10-20

Squid, prawns, cuttlefish. All the prawns was peel off already, so you can just dump it inside the soup and eat it easily, no need to worry you can’t peel it off due to too hot.

2010.03.13 Goh Seng Huat Steamboat @ Penang-10-19

Meat, meat and meat…..

2010.03.13 Goh Seng Huat Steamboat @ Penang-10

Some super high cholesterol eggssssss…..

2010.03.13 Goh Seng Huat Steamboat @ Penang-12

And finally, variety of balls. You might find that choices of seafood is not much from the set, but you can always opt to order more. Noodles are not provided in the set too, those are extra charge.

2010.03.13 Goh Seng Huat Steamboat @ Penang-11

I do notice something cute, this small little fan. Since this steamboat used charcoal, there’s no switch or anything to control the fire. Hence, they are so god damned smart by placing a cute small little battery powered fan to increase the power of the fire. When the fire is too strong, they just took it away. Awesome idea!

2010.03.13 Goh Seng Huat Steamboat @ Penang-16

Full house oh full house. Never come late here unless you make a reservation earlier! Besides steamboat, they do offer “dai chao” which I haven’t got the chance to try yet. But the steamboat here is quite good, the soup is nice and the service is quite good as they keep on add soup for you whenever your soup level is going down. However, I do find that it’s a tad expansive since at my hometown, I can get buffet steamboat at RM18 only. 7.0/10

2010.03.13 Goh Seng Huat Steamboat @ Penang-17

Total Damage: RM84.40 (include drinks, extra vegetables, fried chicken and noodle)

Operating Hours: 5.30pm to 9pm

Contact: 04-261 5811/5646

Location: Kimberley Street, Penang

Google Map:

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