Qi Chiong Gai Salted Duck @ Petaling Street,Kuala Lumpur

Petaling Street, a place I always tend to avoid especially during night time. I really hate this place as it’s always crowded and always got people buggering me to buy things from them, sigh.I however visited this place during early April while waiting my bus to depart at Puduraya, in fact the next few post will be foods in Petaling Street.

During my venture here, I had bump into this small stall, and was really interested by the stall name – Sze Ngan Chye (four eyed guy in English, also refer to someone who wear spectacles), but I did not notice anyone working there wearing spectacles though, hm….

Qi Chiong Gai Salted Duck @ Kuala Lumpur-1

By the way, they are not selling the normal roasted duck, instead they are selling salted duck! Well, salted chicken I heard before la, and I especially love those from Ipoh, which is just plain awesome. Well, after some reading, I only read from the sign board there that stated they are the only shop selling it, without any branch elsewhere, no wonder I never saw it at other place la.

I decided to give them a try too since I miss the salted chicken from Ipoh. Well, I know both is different thing la, 1 is chicken 1 is duck, 1 is steamed 1 is roasted, but I want to try ma, just need some excuse. :p

Qi Chiong Gai Salted Duck @ Kuala Lumpur-2

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Sun Fa Ji @ Bangsar

Since I had absolutely no idea what’s good in Bangsar, and since I only had the no.11 bus (my leg la) as my sole transport, I still take my chances and search for the famed Anuar’s Curry Fish Head at Lucky Garden, Bangsar. However, after walking for like 30 good minutes, I is shatbrix as I was told they only serve curry fish head at lunch time, while it’s only 10 AM at that time! Sigh….

With hunger and tiredness conquering me, I had no choice and simply enter 1 shop that looks good to me. I had no confidence and are seriously expecting bad food. This is because according to my 5 years stay in Kuala Lumpur/Selangor, most of the time if I were to simply enter a shop for food here, 99% of the time it turn out sucks! No, I am not saying food at Kuala Lumpur sucks, there do have many good food here, it’s just that the average restaurant here serve bad food. Haizz….

Sun Fa Ji @ Bangsar-4

Anyway, the food here at Sun Fa Ji, Bangsar is really not bad. I tried to stop LY when she wanted to try the curry mee, all because I had too much bad experience on bad curry mee here. However, the curry mee turns out to be quite nice! At RM5.50, loads of ingredients were given and even coagulated pork blood, nice! The soup is quite good too, yea of course you can’t compare it to the best one in Penang, but it’s certainly 1 of the best I had tried at central Malaysia! 7.0/10

Sun Fa Ji @ Bangsar-2

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Sek Yuen Restaurant @ Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur

I finally had a chance to dine in Sek Yuen restaurant, which I had heard so much good comments on them in the past. I actually thought it was nearby to Puduraya at first, turn out it’s nearby to Pudu Plaza instead. I am also quite amazed that I saw 2 Sek Yuen side by side, 1 with air corn and another 1 without, and since it’s such a hot day, of course I choose the one which is cooler inside!

Sek Yuan @ Kuala Lumpur-2

Since it’s only 2 of us, and I really wanted to try their “pei pa duck“, so I still opted for it although the waiter told us the portion is quite big since it’s half of the duck. Nevertheless I and LY finish it as it’s good! Yea, some part of the duck might be quite hard to bite off, but the skin is really crispy and I love it. Yummy! 8.4/10

Sek Yuan @ Kuala Lumpur-4

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Mee Thajudeen @ Sungai Petani

Mee Thajudeen, definitely 1 of the most famous food in Sungai Petani. However, 1 might ask, what is Mee Thajudeen? Well, I don’t know LOL. I only refer it to as railway station mee goreng and Pasembor.

Both the mee goreng and Pasembor are known as the best here in Sungai Petani, and yes, they never disappoints me whenever I came.

The Pasembor, also known as Rojak (no not the Penang version of Rojak which uses fruits), but instead uses vegetables, potato, beancurd, prawn fritters and egg. It’s mainly down to the gravy that define a good plate of Pasembor. The gravy here is abit sweet though, and it’s blend really well with all the ingredients 7.0/10

Mee Thajudeen @ Sungai Petani-1

The mee goreng is good too. You can enhance the taste by adding a bit of lime, ask them to increase the spiciness and it will be really awesome. 7.1/10
Mee Thajudeen @ Sungai Petani-2

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Trip to Kuala Lumpur – KTM and Blessings Homestay Bangsar

Hm…what the fark? Travel to Kuala Lumpur also want post? No content so simply post is it?

Well, I find that this trip a bit special ma, so I post lo. In this trip, I am taking KTM instead of bus/car/plane, and I also stay at homestay instead of regular hotel, so quite different right? I also notice many people are unaware that you can actually use train to travel around Malaysia, so please don’t flame/sue/kick me , kthxbai.

Anyway, it’s been a long time since I last travel using train. Train is much much more safer than bus since there always some crazy bus driver who sped/rempit all the way at highway. However, the down point is it take ages. It takes 9 hours from Sungai Petani to Kuala Lumpur , while bus usually take 5 hours only.

Behold, KTM station of Sungai Petani. The outlook of it seems never change at all ever since I was very small. Condition? Same like Puduraya lo.

KL Trip (KTM & Blessings Homestay)-1

There’s a small cafeteria by the waiting area but non of my business, since I already went to KFC and I is gonna enjoice my dinner in the train later.

KL Trip (KTM & Blessings Homestay)-2

Seats are limited here. Besides, there are many non-passengers here too. Most of them are just waiting for their family members to depart, while others are waiting for arrival. Best thing is, 1 person take train, 10 people come…sigh, I wonder why.

KL Trip (KTM & Blessings Homestay)-3

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Farlim Shell Station Laksa @ Penang

Asam Laksa oh asam Laksa, I absolutely love asam Laksa especially those full with fish, well, since asam Laksa is all about fish ma. Whenever I got the laksa craving, I will definitely come to Farlim here for it’s laksa. They are really famous in the past, however, ever since they move to this new shop, their business seems to drop since every time I patronize them, only a few customer are in there.

Nevertheless, I still absolutely love the laksa here although they do hire Indonesian maid to cook the dish.

Farlim Shell Station Laksa @ Penang-3

The coffee shop is very spacious and big, especially since most of the time it was empty. I always love to dine at a place where it’s always empty but still serve great food, simply because I can find parking easier, order my food faster, get to eat my food faster, and able to eat my food at my own pace since I don’t need to worry about eyes staring at you wishing you faster finish it so that they can have a place to sit. Besides, empty restaurant also won’t be so stuffy, but of course la, the food must be good!

Farlim Shell Station Laksa @ Penang-1

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Old Town Koay Chap @ Sungai Petani

Well well well, there is this 1 koay chap which is very famous in my hometown, but I never heard of it, neither I had the chance to eat it until recent time. Reason is, the operating time of the stall is absolutely out of the time I eat.

Well, firstly its only a small mobile stall, and the “ah pek” who sell it will ONLY slowly cycle it to it’s usual place at around 10 PM. It will then take around 20 minutes for him to set up the stall. However, the problem is, I was told that the “ah pek” only sell when he feels he want to, and there ain’t any indications on when is his off day or such.

Another problem is, it’s only a stall by the road side, so you can’t like say, wait at the coffee shop, order something to eat first while waiting for him and pray that he come. What you can do is, come at around 10.30 PM, if he is there, stopped and buy. If he is not there, then sorry, come another day.

Old Town Koay Chap @ Sungai Petani-2

HOWEVER, this will lead to another problem – waiting time. Just look at the picture above.  The crowd is usually at it’s peak at around 10.30 PM, and you will just have to stand and wait wait wait (usually around 30 minutes). The waiting time is not because the “ah pek” is working in slow motion, but rather because he do waste a lot of time doing nonsense which greatly slows down his speed. If you think you can come late to avoid the crowd, sorry to say that if you come after 11 PM, the chances of it sold out is very high.

Yes, you can come early (which I did), but if you are out of luck and the “ah pek” decided not to sell that day, then you have only yourself to be blame. I did come and waited there at around 9.50 PM, but the stall was no where to be seen. There was already 5 customer waiting there although the “ah pek” was not here yet. Luckily at around 10.10 PM, he was here. PHEW!

Since it’s only a mobile stall, all you can do is take away, and yes, for such a huge bowl, it only cost RM4.70! I opt for extra ingredient (as usual).

Old Town Koay Chap @ Sungai Petani-3

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