Dai Guan Nga Laksa @ Alor Setar

Ahh, Alor Setar, the capital of my hometown state, Kedah Darul Aman. However, I rarely visit there. Each time I was in Alor Setar is either I am going to Kuala Kedah (to go to Langkawi) or I was there to visit some temple. Besides, although she gets her city status on year 2003, I still find that my hometown – Sungai Petani is way more developed then her. Yes, Sungai Petani don’t have a port, neither sea nor air, but still, I am sure most people will wonder why such underdeveloped place is a city.

Anyway, my recent trip to Alor Setar had lead me to taste some really shitty laksa. It’s the famous Dai Guan Nga Laksa by Lebuhraya Sultan Abdul Halim. According to the person who bring me there, she says that this laksa is the one that once extremely famous until there are rumors saying that they put tissue inside the laksa soup so that it looks like the laksa is full with fish. I am not sure how true is this, but I am sure that most people will surely taste the difference of fish and tissue eh, and wonder why there’s so many people fall on it.

2010.03.13 Laksa @ Alor Star-10

However, utterly disappointment. This is indeed one of the bad laksa that you can easily found everywhere. The soup is clear, aka can’t see fish in it. It’s not sour, the noodle is a bit too hard for my liking, and duh, well, just nothing is good. Just a few mouth and I left the whole plate there. How can this be famous? Maybe the person bring me to the wrong shop, but this laksa is just FAIL! 1.8/10

2010.03.13 Laksa @ Alor Star-9

The ice kacang is also very the normal only. It’s those type of really normal ice kacang that most shop offer but not specialize in it. To them, ice kacang is just simply blend the ice, put some syrup, condense milk, some nuts and voila! Bad bad bad…..utterly bad. 2.2/10

2010.03.13 Laksa @ Alor Star-11

There’s no way I will come back here for laksa again. I am sure there are many hidden gems in Alor Setar, but there’ ain’t much of my friends are from there, and neither there are many floggers from Alor Setar, so I just have to wish I had more luck in the future.

Operating Hours: 2pm to 6pm

Location: Lebuhraya Sultan Abdul Halim, Alor Setar, Kedah

Google Map:

3 thoughts on “Dai Guan Nga Laksa @ Alor Setar

  1. from my frenz said,the best laksa was at jalan shariff….not only buy also buy popiah,rojak buah,ais kacang, char kiew tiew n more..
    maybe u must try it once in the mission to find the best laksa in alor setar town…

  2. I agree that the Laksa fails but have you tried their mee goreng. I personally think its good 🙂
    I am from Singapore and visit AS once or twice a year.

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