Quan Yin Teng (Goddess Of Mercy) Lor Mee @ Penang

The godness of Mercy, or better known as Quan Yin Teng is 1 of the most famous temple in Penang. It was built in the early 1800 and is 1 of the oldest temple in Penang. The temple is always full with prayers and on special occasion, such as the 1st day of Chinese New Year,or the Goddess of Mercy’s feast which was celebrated on the 19th day of the 2nd, 6th and 9th lunar months each year, it will be way way more pack until walking is a difficulty inside the temple.

And at this particular coffee shop – Kafe Hai Beng located just beside the famous temple, there is this famous Lor Mee which is really really good. The lor mee gravy is thick but not too starchy until uneatable.  Besides, if you are a fan of pork skin, you should opt extra for those as they are really good! 8.9/10

2010.03.14 Guan Yim Deng Lor Mee @ Penang-4

There are this 2 yellow and red bottle on almost every table in the coffee shop, which were used to store chili and garlic sauce. Don’t say I never warn you, the 2 bottle can make or break the Lor Mee! I had heard that many people, including my mum and PenangTuaPui almost miss it! Well, they can’t be blamed as usually the 2 bottles are used to store chili and tomato sauce in western cuisine, and there ain’t any Chinese Hawkers that used it besides here.

However, putting too much of them will make the Lor Mee become too sour and different from it’s original taste, so before you go crazy and add in as much as you can since it’s free, try it first.

2010.03.14 Guan Yim Deng Lor Mee @ Penang-3

The Loh Bak here is quite OK too, nothing too fancy and all you get is Loh Bak only, while something like fried beancurd and prawn fritters is not in the menu. 7.1/10

2010.03.14 Guan Yim Deng Lor Mee @ Penang-1

Otak-Otak (fish cake) is another side dish that you can order here. Otak-Otak at Penang is very different from the southern version as it is steamed, while the southern version one is wrapped up as a thin slice using banana or coconut leaf and grilled over a charcoal fire. The Otak-Otak here is consider so-so only as it’s not hot enough when served. I also prefer to have more fish meat in my steamed version of Otak-Otak. 6.0/10

2010.03.14 Guan Yim Deng Lor Mee @ Penang-2

Drools again, yummy yummy, especially the pork skin….. 😀

2010.03.14 Guan Yim Deng Lor Mee @ Penang-5

Hai Beng Coffee Shop, just beside the temple, easily to be found.

2010.03.14 Guan Yim Deng Lor Mee @ Penang-6

Total Damage: RM11 (3 bowl of Lor Mee, 2 pieces of Loh Bak, 1 Otak-Otak)

Operating Hours: 7am to 12pm

Location: Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, Penang

Google Map:

8 thoughts on “Quan Yin Teng (Goddess Of Mercy) Lor Mee @ Penang

  1. dear sam,
    i think the special price is for u only. other i dont think so cheap la. total 3 Lor Mee, 2 Loh Bak & 1 Otak-Otak only rm11?

  2. Seriously not a fan of Penang’s Otak-Otak. The southern one rocks, for I’ve no love for the mushy, souffle-like quality of the northern version.
    Not the mention the usually overpowering SERAI!

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