Restaurant 398 Thai Food @ Sungai Petani

Since Kedah is located by the border of Malaysia and Thailand, and since it’s only 2 hours ++ of driving from Sungai Petani to the border, there are loads of Thai people who had stay in Malaysia permanently and are setting up restaurants selling Thai food, which is good for me since I love hot spicy and sour food! However, not all Thai people are good in cooking Thai food (just as many Malaysians don’t know how to cook), and luckily, there are a few restaurant here that serve some nice Thai food.

The owner of this stall actually shifted few place when they just started business, and finally they had settle down here at Restaurant 398 at Taman Intan for some time. I still love their Thai style steamed fish here. They use charcoal to make sure the soup of the fish is always hot. You can also always ask for extra soup if you wish, as that’s what I do all the time, as I absolutely love it. Thanks to the chef choosing not to skip the ingredients, the soup is wonderful, hot spicy and sour enough, although there’s sometime I wish it was even more spicy. Besides, they do have white cabbage under the fish, which is really nice. 8.0/10

2010.03.27 Restaurant 398 Thai Food @ Sungai Petani-1

Besides the fish, the otak-otak here is something I love too. Again, thai style otak-otak is totally different from Malaysia version one, as they use more seafood to cook it instead of fish only. Thai style otak-otak usually have prawns, squid, fried fish and sometimes even crab meat inside. Marvelous! I actually love the otak-otak itself more rather than all the seafood in it. 8.3/10

2010.03.27 Restaurant 398 Thai Food @ Sungai Petani-4

Stir Fried vegetables with salted fish is quite good too. 7.5/10

2010.03.27 Restaurant 398 Thai Food @ Sungai Petani-2

Thai style fried clams with basil leaf is good, as I always love this type of cooking style. Yummy, how i wish the clams are bigger with more meat! 8.1/10

2010.03.27 Restaurant 398 Thai Food @ Sungai Petani-3

Restaurant 398, located at Taman Intan, Sungai Petani. It may look old and small, but goodie Thai food is available here!

2010.03.27 Restaurant 398 Thai Food @ Sungai Petani-5

Operating Hours: 6pm to 11pm

Location: Lebuh Intan, Sungai Petani, Kedah

Google Map:

2 thoughts on “Restaurant 398 Thai Food @ Sungai Petani

  1. I had that same ‘souffle’ like creation, (is it really called otak-otak in Thai?) in Kelantan, where they have this very authentic place tucked in the middle of nowhere. A Thai village as well, for Kelantan borders with Golok.

    • Haha, I don’t know is it called otak otak in thai, but in Penang and Kedah, if you went into a thai restaurant and order this, most likely you will be served this

      However, I do went to some thai restaurant (those in shopping complex one), it seems different as some of them serve something like the penang style otak-otak

      and yea, kelantan is famed for it’s thai food too since KB is near to the border ma

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