Nasi Lemak Cinta Sayang @ Sungai Petani

Nasi Lemak stalls are everywhere, as almost anyone who can cook can simply set up a small stall by the road. Basically no set up cost is needed, since one can use their house dining table for the stall, plates for putting the dishes, and most important, usually just a few dish will suffice. However, it’s very rare that these types of stall will success as usually they won’t have enough business and hence enough revenue to cover their cost of cooking materials. I don’t know if it’s because their cooking sucks, or did they think that it’s really so easy to simply just set up 1 stall in front of their house and expect customers to fly in.

HOWEVER, there is this 1 stall, just outside Cinta Sayang Golf & Country resort, whose business is really growing rapidly. Initially, they are also just another nasi lemak stall by the road side, but their business boom in just 1 year ++ and from just 1 more stall, it became something like this.

2010.03.28 Nasi Lemak Cinta Sayang @ Sungai Petani-4

Amazingly, all their workers are also wearing uniforms! How professional! Besides uniform, this nasi lemak stall is clean too especially if you compare to their competitors. Well, sometimes I do think, referring them as a stall might be a bit underestimating them, but it’s ain’t a restaurant either.

2010.03.28 Nasi Lemak Cinta Sayang @ Sungai Petani-3

Anyway, 1 of the reasons their business is growing so fast is because their food is good, and cheap. There are also many choices for you to choose from, as you can either just opt for the normal nasi lemak (just rice, gravy, ikan bilis and kacang), or you can add more dish such as curry chicken, beef rendang, lamb, curry prawns, fried chicken and many others.

2010.03.28 Nasi Lemak Cinta Sayang @ Sungai Petani-2

There are loads of people flocking here for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Well, they open from early in the morning from 7 am to almost 8 pm in the night (when they start business they only sell for breakfast), and I rarely see them have a off day besides Hari Raya Puasa! However, I only come here for breakfast before, so no comment for their dishes during lunch and dinner time.

Besides, your timing must be good too if you were to come here for breakfast. Coming too early the choice of dishes will be limited as they are still cooking, come too late the dishes are finish. Around 8 to 9 am is the best time to visit here.

2010.03.28 Nasi Lemak Cinta Sayang @ Sungai Petani-1

All I can say is, most of the dish here is nice, both the curry and rice are very fragrant, very nice. Seriously, just eating the normal nasi lemak is good already, with all the extra dishes, really yum yum!! 7.5/10

Total Damage: Around RM8 for 2 rice above and 2 drinks

Operating Hours: 7AM to 8PM

Location: Jalan Kelab Cinta Sayang, Sungai Petani, Kedah

Google Map:

10 thoughts on “Nasi Lemak Cinta Sayang @ Sungai Petani

  1. just found ur blog mang…dude did u know that they even open their shop in other state…u can find this restaurant even in shah alam

  2. salam… semalam dalam pukul 8 malam bertarikh 15 nov 2011, saya n kawan2 pergi makan d nasi lemak cinta syang yg bdekatan dgn tesco bersebelahan Nasmir Taman Ria. lauk pauk yg di sediakan memang sedap tapi yg x sedapnya harga…. mber saya ambil nasi setengah,sosej 1pc n air suam.. semua RM 2.50… Saya btnya nasi stgh bpa, cashier mjwb RM 1.00 utk stgah..kalo nasi penuh dh bpa?sosej 1pc RM 1.00…. kami pergi ber3… bila compare balik dgn nasi yg 2org lg ambil x dapat pula harga nasi penuh smpai RM2.00.. cmna ni….
    kami nk p makan pn dh takut. kami bukan nk tutup periuk nasi org tp……pikir2 la sendiri… sini kedah bukan KL..

    • tak kisah lah nasi lemak apa pun yang penting kita tak tertipu…cuba selidek betul betul benarkah nasi lemak cinta sayang dimasak oleh orang kita atau kita kena tipu …yang masak orang indonesia dengan mamak india mari…

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