Old Town Koay Chap @ Sungai Petani

Well well well, there is this 1 koay chap which is very famous in my hometown, but I never heard of it, neither I had the chance to eat it until recent time. Reason is, the operating time of the stall is absolutely out of the time I eat.

Well, firstly its only a small mobile stall, and the “ah pek” who sell it will ONLY slowly cycle it to it’s usual place at around 10 PM. It will then take around 20 minutes for him to set up the stall. However, the problem is, I was told that the “ah pek” only sell when he feels he want to, and there ain’t any indications on when is his off day or such.

Another problem is, it’s only a stall by the road side, so you can’t like say, wait at the coffee shop, order something to eat first while waiting for him and pray that he come. What you can do is, come at around 10.30 PM, if he is there, stopped and buy. If he is not there, then sorry, come another day.

Old Town Koay Chap @ Sungai Petani-2

HOWEVER, this will lead to another problem – waiting time. Just look at the picture above.  The crowd is usually at it’s peak at around 10.30 PM, and you will just have to stand and wait wait wait (usually around 30 minutes). The waiting time is not because the “ah pek” is working in slow motion, but rather because he do waste a lot of time doing nonsense which greatly slows down his speed. If you think you can come late to avoid the crowd, sorry to say that if you come after 11 PM, the chances of it sold out is very high.

Yes, you can come early (which I did), but if you are out of luck and the “ah pek” decided not to sell that day, then you have only yourself to be blame. I did come and waited there at around 9.50 PM, but the stall was no where to be seen. There was already 5 customer waiting there although the “ah pek” was not here yet. Luckily at around 10.10 PM, he was here. PHEW!

Since it’s only a mobile stall, all you can do is take away, and yes, for such a huge bowl, it only cost RM4.70! I opt for extra ingredient (as usual).

Old Town Koay Chap @ Sungai Petani-3

It was too big bowl for me though, hence I separated it out into 2 portion, and man, this koay chap is really good!! Seriously worth the wait and all the hassle. The main ingredients were duck meat, duck innards, pork skin and egg. The pork skin is very nice, very fragrant. The duck meat too is very tender and taste superb.

Besides, the soup is usually something make or break a bowl of noodle, which this stall performs superbly. It’s very flavorful and lovely! I shall now declare it as 1 of my own Must Try food in Sungai Petani! 8.8/10

Old Town Koay Chap @ Sungai Petani-4

I however MUST warn any of his new potential customers. I seriously doubt many of you can eat something like that if you were to watch how he prepare your packet of koay chap. The “ah pek” hand ain’t the most beautiful hand in the world (since he always in touch with water, so you know la), and he will use his hand to tear off the duck meat (instead of using knife to chop), even after he touch all the other stuff such as money without washing his hand first! So before you go, consider it first. Either don’t look at how he prepare, or just accept and enjoy this bowl of awesome koay chap!

This koay chap stall was located by the road of Jalan Kuala Ketil, Sungai Petani. It’s before the Caltex station if you are coming from Sungai Petani town, and just opposite of these row of building (refer picture below).

Old Town Koay Chap @ Sungai Petani-1

Total Damage: RM4.70 (well, I had heard many people told me that the “ah pek” don’t know how to calculate one, so you might get different price)

Operating Hours: 10PM to 11PM (operating days are based on the “ah pek” mood)

Location: Jalan Kuala Ketil, Sungai Petani, Kedah

Google Map:

6 thoughts on “Old Town Koay Chap @ Sungai Petani

  1. Nvm one, as dirty as his hands may be, for a delicious bowl of koay chap, I’ll suffer the consequences. Hahaha… the relentless wait may not be as tempting though … hate standing around n wait for food.

  2. It was my first time know about Koay Chap, I was interested to check it out after read this blog… I am not local but luckily I managed to locate it and most importantly the AhPek was selling…
    It took me about 40mins to get my order, so during the 40mins watching the way he preparing the Koay Chap is really #$%^&*…(really not everyone can accept) I was wondering whether he purposely or didn’t aware of it…
    Btw, the taste of the KoayChap is really nice, even miss the taste on the next day.
    I think the location got some changes, it is now located in front of a chinese hawker restaurant, so customers may eat at there as well.
    GPS coordinates: 5.63756N, 100.49578E

    • whao, i had totally forgotten about this. Glad that it’s still there, and most importantly you tried it and it doesn’t disappoint you 😀

      now, I really should go and eat it again 😀

      Thanks for the GPS coordinates too

      • Haha, u’r welcome. I’m also lucky to have chance to try this taste. Actually just before went to search for this, I had whacked up a mountain plate of nasi kandar nasmir near to Tesco. I was just curious to check it out, but I didn’t expected I could finished 90% of the Koay Chap, the special taste had boost up my appetite XD

  3. Ha ha ha ha! I can’t believe you actually blogged about this Koay Chap place in SP (I meant in a good way  ). But first of all, let me just say that the version of Koay Chap we have in SP is very unique to the SP area (and probably Butterworth and Penang to a certain extend) only. Koay Chap is a Teow Chew dish and the actual version is very different from what we eat in SP (check out the version at Kimberley Street in Penang, that’s how the original version looks and tastes like).

    Koay Chap Ah Pek had been selling at Jalan Kuala Ketil corner as far as I can remember when I was a child (I spent part of my childhood at Pekan Lama before we moved to Bakar Arang). His Koay Chap had been famous in SP since then, and so was his “hygiene”…  (I have to agree, his preparation of food is definitely not for the faint of heart). Regardless, it had never stopped him from continued to build up his fans and supporters of his Ah Pek’s style Koay Chap for the past 40 – 50 years.

    I think it was only the recent years that his schedule of operations had become unpredictable, mainly due to his old age and health. He used to sell almost every night without fail as far as I can remember, rain or shine. I had the chance to try out Ah Pek’s Koay Chap again during my most recent trip home in 2014. It was raining lightly that night but Ah Pek operated his little stall single-handedly just like any other days. There was a long line of people just like that in your picture above with some were carrying umbrellas as the only difference. The food preparation was still “unbearable” just like it always had been… the only difference I had observed this time was that age and health had finally caught up with Ah Pek and he had also suffered two bad knees. His movement was no longer as swift and nimbly as it was once when he were younger. I felt a little sad and bad for him. I wonder if he have any children who were willing to take over the traditional business and learn the dying art…. If not, the days we get to eat this legendary Koay Chap of Ah Pek are numbered…

    Anyway, there is another Koay Chap stall that sells in the morning outside Yik Wah for those prefer the dish as breakfast rather than supper, but just make sure you go before 10am or it will be all sold out.

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